Auctioneer Brian Oberholtzer recently won top awards at the bid-calling contest held by the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association in mid-May. Oberholtzer has an even-pitched, clear chant with just the right cadence and not a lot of “mumbo-jumb” mixed in. He had previously won the 2016 Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association rookie bid-caller award and then had sixth-, fifth- and fourth- place finishes before winning this year’s competition at the PAA conference in Harrisburg.

Oberholtzer knew he wanted to be an auctioneer at age 10.

“Maybe,” he said, “it was the fact (that) I practiced selling our cows every day, leading them from the pasture to the barn while helping with the family dairy business.”

The would-be auctioneer took the apprentice route to licensure and started to work part-time with Morgantown auctioneer Merle Eberly. He passed the state test for his license in 2016 and formed Oberholtzer Auction Services in 2018. Today, he keeps a busy schedule and works multiple auctions each week as a contract. Listen to his award-winning chant in this video.      

Art Petrosemolo is a freelance correspondent and photojournalist in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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