Sharon Sheaffer has been styling food since graduating from Hood College in the 1960s when she started her career with General Foods (now part of the Kraft Foods Group). She says she has styled everything from “soup to nuts” including giant Jell-O molds for General Foods and turkeys for Campbell Soup Co. and is particularly proud of contributing to the iconic “Campbell’s 100 Best Recipes” cookbook.

In 2018, Sharon and her husband, Jim, retired and moved from their 300-year-old farmhouse in Farmersville, Pennsylvania, which dates back to William Penn’s nephew, to Garden Spot Village in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Originally a native of Cranbury, New Jersey, Sharon says she always was interested in fashion as a teenager and believes that food styling is fashion transferred to food.

“Even your mother’s best recipe might not taste as good to you,” Sheaffer said, “unless it appeals to your sight and your smell. That’s what food styling is all about.”

In this video, Sharon shows how to style pudding for guests or your family, and she encourages viewers to learn more about her profession and food styling tricks online through many of the You Tube videos on the subject.

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