Kevin and Dina Stoltzfus, owners of Warwick Manor Farm in East Earl, Pennsylvania, have welcomed some 20 calves to their Guernsey dairy herd through March 2021. About half the calves have been heifers and half bulls.

"The bulls will be sold for beef production while the heifers will spend several weeks in a hutch being hand fed and grow with the other calves until they are two years old," Kevin Stoltzfus said.

"Then, they will have their own calf and join the milking herd."

About 50 cows of the Stoltzfus high-production, award winning Guernsey herd are milked twice a day — each producing an average of 60 pounds of milk — with their milk going to Yoder's Country Market in New Holland for milk, butter and ice cream.

Art Petrosemolo is a freelance correspondent and photojournalist in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.