The 2021 strawberry season in Southeast Pennsylvania could be a record one for many produce farmers as the weather has led to farm operations picking record numbers of flats for regular and new customers.

In Pennsylvania, many farm families have always made jam. They are now being joined by suburban families who got started with DIY canning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are taking advantage of this record harvest to make jam from a variety of strawberries, including Chandler and Flavor Fest.

Lancaster Farming contributor Art Petrosemolo learned to make jam and can peaches two years ago with the help of a neighbor who helped him prepare a story on preserving fruit for Lancaster Farming. Here’s how he prefers to prepare strawberry jam using strawberries from Ever Fresh Produce in New Holland, Lancaster County.

Art Petrosemolo is a freelance correspondent and photojournalist in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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