Each year thousands of snow geese use the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Stevens, Pennsylvania, as a stopping off point on their northern migration to the Arctic to breed.

Thousands of geese crowd the lake from sometime in February through March attracting locals, bird-watchers and tourists to the Willow Point Viewing Area to marvel at the show. Best viewing times are sunrise, when the birds head out to feed on the grain and grasses on local farm fields, and at sunset, when they return to the lake for the night.

This year, because of the unusually heavy February snowfall and cold temperatures, all but a portion of the lake has frozen and the snow has covered the fields making the search for food difficult. As of late February, just a small number of birds had arrived at the lake occupying the open water, with the expected influx starting in early March.

If you plan to travel to Willow Point to see the birds, remember there is about a 10-minute walk to the viewing area form the parking lot. Dress warm as any breeze from the lake will be cold and you may be waiting for a period of time for what you came to see — a huge flock of snow geese taking off right over your head or coming in for a splash landing.

It's spectacular and worth the trip.