Produce Auctions in Pennsylvania are a key part of agricultural sales. There are 16 produce markets throughout the state selling products from 5,000 farmers.

If you are a first time buyer at a produce auction, it can be intimidating to say the least. “Just understanding the auctioneer can be daunting,” said Becky Clawson, a food systems educator at Penn State Extension.

To help introduce potential new buyers — chefs, purchasing agents for schools and institutions, as well as value-added buyers who purchase large quantities of fruit or produce to can and resell — Penn State Extension ran a series of three tours and educational seminars at southeast Pennsylvania produce auctions in Leola, Oxford and Kutztown (Fleetwood) to demystify auction buying and to introduce a new set of buyers to the fresh, farm to market produce available there.

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of buying and selling at auction at this Penn State Extension event:

Art Petrosemolo is a freelance correspondent and photojournalist in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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