Ethan VanCamp holds an alligator over the summer. As his interest in Wildlife is clearly strong, VanCamp plans to major in Wildlife and Fisheries in college.

Ethan VanCamp is the son of Eric and Christina VanCamp of McKean County.

VanCamp is a senior and proud member of the Otto-Eldred FFA chapter, where he serves as the chapter reporter.

Growing up, VanCamp never had a major interest in agriculture. He thought it was for people with “country and farming” backgrounds. Thankfully, VanCamp met his new agricultural educator and that idea drastically changed.

“Mr. Brandon Witmer has been one of the most influential people to come into my life,” VanCamp said.

Entering into his sophomore year, VanCamp had no idea what he wanted to do. He didn’t have any “big future plans,” and he honestly thought agricultural classes would just be an easy grade to boost his grade point average.

But after VanCamp took his first class with Mr. Witmer, he was instantly in love with agriculture. VanCamp began to take every agriculture class that Otto-Eldred had to offer.

Mr. Witmer taught VanCamp that the field of agriculture is so big that he will have a chance to change the world and improve the lives of the people who live in it.

VanCamp is now beginning his senior year and he credits Mr. Witmer for inspiring him to put in the work. He is now eligible for his Keystone Degree this upcoming January at Mid-Winter Convention.

VanCamp’s supervised agricultural experience project involves a research study on how ATVs on public land not only cause unnecessary soil erosion, but also cause habitat disturbance. Where VanCamp resides, that is one of the biggest problems facing woodland areas.

After high school, VanCamp plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries science, while also taking time to consider going into agricultural and Extension education.

“When people say FFA changes lives, they are not kidding, thankfully it changed mine,” he said.

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