A collection of stories on "Dairy: Pennsylvania's Largest Agricultural Sector," winner of the 2021 Professional Keystone Media Award: Weekly General News Publications, News Beat Reporting, First Place. 

Over a contentious two and a half hours March 5 at a Chester County farm, a group of dairy farmers slammed the checkoff’s priorities, while checkoff leaders struggled to convince the farmers that current strategies are cost-effective and up to date.

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In a matter of months, South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland, has provided solutions for two big challenges — a closed dairy plant and pandemic-fueled grocery disruption — and has positioned itself for an unexpected but promising new chapter in business.

Enrollment in Dairy Margin Coverage surged 27% for next year as farmers applied a key lesson of the pandemic. More than 17,000 farms will be protected in 2021 through USDA’s main dairy risk management program.

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