It can be hot — very hot — during July and August in Lancaster County farm country, but that heat doesn’t stop many in the community from a summer tradition of “putting up” fruits and vegetables. Read more

Nadine Moore became a leader for the Lebanon County 4-H Poultry Club. When the fair queen contest’s coordinator position became available in 2006, she was approached about assuming those duties. Read more

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. — Avah Gladle, 15, hopes to attend State University of New York Cobleskill to study animal husbandry once she’s finished with high school at Marcus Whitman High School in two years. While an ag college represents an expected route for a teen who grew up on a large farm, it’… Read more

After a sweltering Saturday, a sultry Sunday and Monday’s monsoon rains, Tuesday, July 23, dawned refreshingly cool and dry at the Lebanon Area Fair. Read more

Years ago, every little country grocery store carried mixed pickling spice, alum, lime, canning salt, saltpeter and similar necessities for pickling, preserving and otherwise “putting up” food for the long, cold months of winter. Read more

The Franklin County Fair — held July 7-13 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania — is an exciting time for everyone in the community, but it is especially important to the county’s 4-H members who compete in livestock shows and competitions throughout the week. Read more

The other day while cleaning our bookcase-style headboard in the master bedroom, I found myself dusting off a total of four remote controls in that location. It made me realize how spoiled we’ve all become now that there’s no longer the need to actually walk to a device to control it. Read more

Deep Creek Lake has long been a vacationer’s paradise. Hidden in the hills of western Maryland, the 64-miles-of-shoreline lake is surrounded by picturesque farmland. It has become a mecca for big city dwellers from Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Read more

The youngsters attending the Children’s Grief Camp at The Lands at Hillside Farm know tragedy. They’ve lost parents and loved ones to suicide, drug overdose and even murder. Read more

Pennsylvania FFA held its 90th state convention on June 11-13 at Penn State. The convention consisted of career development event competitions, election of state officers, chapter scrapbook contest and the presentation of chapter awards. Read more

A desire to farm brought a woman from Seattle to the other side of the U.S. — into rural Pennsylvania. Jackie Deiter and her newlywed husband of two months, Eric Deiter, are the owners of EJ Market Gardens LLC in Mifflin, Juniata County. Read more

My Gramma Bowman was an excellent flower gardener. She had pansies and Johnny Jump Ups and gladioli, as well as snapdragons and geraniums. Her rhododendrons were massive and she took such good care of her beautiful rose bushes. Read more

Summer is in full swing and even though we’ve had a lot of rain this summer, kids are still having fun in the water. Children are swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Read more

As I’ve gotten older, I’m not sure whether I just have a greater awareness of such things, or if they really are happening with greater frequency in our area, but I am no longer a stranger to hurricanes, tornadoes or severe wind events. Read more

Actually, right here on our farm, we have daily conflict as well. Ours is more of the two-legged versus four-legged type of petty disputes, or sometimes two-legged versus two-legged, or four-legged versus four-legged. Read more

It’s pleasant images of those childhood daytrips that still go through my head any time I hear the classic beach tune “Under the Boardwalk,” a 1964 hit by The Drifters. However, in recent months, I’ve been looking at a different type of boardwalk that has nothing to do with vacation or the beach. Read more

Participation in Kempton Fair's swine show was thrown off by a state Ag Department order, announced just two weeks before the show, requiring all Pennsylvania market pigs to move to slaughter following exhibition. Read more

Recently, I read of a couple in California who — a long time ago — came across a half-buried tin can while walking their property after a flood. They dug the tin up from the mud in which it was partially encased and, upon opening it, found a trove of gold coins. Read more

The University of Vermont Extension 4-H is offering a full day of farm safety workshops on July 9. The workshop is open to all youths, ages 10 to 16. Enrollment in 4-H is not required to participate. Read more