Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — which is described by some as the auction capital of the East — Phil Nissley was drawn to auctions as a child at the age of 5. He ran his first auction at age 16 and today, at 52, has spent the better part of three decades in the business as an …

WOMELSDORF, Pa. — Stepping into the foyer of Yvonne and David Weaver’s 1846 farmhouse, there is the ease of familial warmth, pride and love the couple has for their home and children. It’s easy to get lost in the detailed charm and love that cascades through the house, such as the grand Geor… Read more

With the public schools in many states, including Pennsylvania, closed for at least two weeks in response to the coronavirus, parents may be faced with a new kind of crisis — what can they do to keep their kids from going crazy (or driving their parents crazy) during this lengthy break? Read more

The 2019 novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is a new virus that causes respiratory illness in people and can spread from person to person. This virus was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China. Read more

Having heard stories from various friends and acquaintances about all the complicated, computerized electronics and technologies in their much more up-to-date vehicles, and some of the problems occasionally related to those, has turned me into a vehicular throwback. Read more

Plant-based eating is one of the hottest nutrition trends. When people think of plant-based eating, they mainly think of eating more fruits and vegetables, but what they might not realize is that dry beans, peas and lentils will help to add variety and nutrition to the menu. Read more

Recently, while doing some spring housecleaning, I came upon a September 2019 magazine which had a cover article I had read with interest last fall. I was initially attracted to the story because I’m a history buff, but now I’ve re-read it with a totally different mindset. Read more

Lebanon Lilly — a nearly life-size Holstein statue —and the book named after her, “The Adventures of Lebanon Lilly,” are both the brainchild of Jennifer Kuzo, a Lebanon County native who also happens to be president of Visit Lebanon Valley, which promotes local tourism. Read more

Girls had been strongly dissuaded at the state level since a 1935 FFA convention resolution denied funds, participation and transport to groups that included female members, according to the FFA organization’s website, and girls did not achieve the right to be national FFA members until 1969. Today, women are national members and comprise 47% of state leadership positions. Read more

Our farm has two streams on it. One flows right through the middle of everything between our house and the barn; the other forms part of our western boundary. Back in the 1950s, the streams were home to quite a few pesky muskrats that always seemed to divert the flow of these little waterways into places my dad didn’t want them to go. Thus, he welcomed my brother’s efforts to trap them during the winter trapping season. Read more

Paying to charitably dine, with the funds going to benefit a cause, an organization or maybe even a person in need, has a long history. The first time food was sold to benefit some charitable cause probably happened farther back in history than any of us might imagine. Read more

“DASH” stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. By following the DASH eating plan, individuals may be able to reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk factors and find a heart-healthy eating style for life. Read more

Back in 1919, Harper’s Tavern was the given name of a sleepy crossroads in northern Lebanon County near where the Indian Creek flows into the Swatara Creek. Read more

In an effort to track down the midnight raider of my chicken feed, I set a box trap in the alleyway of the old barn one recent evening. It seemed likely that a fox or raccoon was trespassing again. Read more

One recent dark, wintry morning while snug in bed, I dreamt I heard a plaintive mooing coming from the barnyard. I awoke a while later and actually heard a moo or two, but it didn’t sound like a cow in dire straits — perhaps the herd was just running a bit low on hay. Besides, Dennis had left for work not long before, so I figured if anything were seriously amiss, he would’ve noticed. Read more

This phrase “Blue Zones” refers to five different regions around the globe that researchers have identified as having the highest concentrations of centenarians in the world. Read more

This year, I noticed something very unusual as I started removing the first decorations from our tree in early February. At the ends of the branches on the top half of our Christmas tree, there were glimpses of fresh new, bright green needle growth. Read more

Traveling to a recent conference, through a long, dreary afternoon of down-pouring rain, my eyes started to glaze over from the monotony of a drive done numerous times before. Read more

Every cattle farmer I’ve ever known has a pretty good handle on what those “cattle communications” mean. And, in some cases, even without looking, if you’d been around a particular herd of cattle for any length of time, you had a good idea which bovine was doing the “talking.” Read more

Family mealtime is a time for families to sit down and enjoy a meal together. It’s all about eating together, talking and enjoying one another’s company through conversation and storytelling. Read more

I hate showing my age, but I can remember a time before there were large supermarkets, when each little country town had a small family-operated grocery store or two to keep the locals provisioned. Especially among farm families, most of us butchered our own meats, got milk from our own dair… Read more

How can a month of the new year possibly be gone already? And, while January leaves us with memories of cold, gray, snowy, dismal, overcast days of short hours, February promises cheery red hearts, chocolate and cherry pies. Read more

After reporting the accident to the county’s Emergency Management Agency, I encountered Dennis again, this time escorting a shaken-looking young woman up the sidewalk from the barn to the house. Read more

Lydia Brown of Mill Creek placed second with her March 2019 calf and October 2018 heifer on junior show day. On open show day, Brown’s heifer won first for her class and was reserve champion. Read more

Part of the everyday, routine, morning barn chores here is falling over, stepping around and distributing feed to the assorted critters impatiently waiting for breakfast. Read more

Do you remember “senior superlatives” from your high school yearbook? They were titles like “best dressed,” “best dancer” or “most likely to succeed,” that usually accompanied a photograph of the boy or girl from the graduating class who exemplified those descriptions. Read more

Conservation practices can save Pennsylvania farmers money and increase productivity, according to a report released in November by the Environmental Defense Fund and ag consultancy K-Coe Isom. Read more

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show this month, Greg Huber — who is an author, researcher and founder of cultural resources company Eastern Barn Consultants in Macungie — shared his knowledge of historic barns during several presentations. Read more

On Jan. 7, a group of philatelic enthusiasts — or stamp collectors — held an auction in Allentown that featured the world’s first stamp, the United States’ first stamp and a mint set of stamps used on mail carried on the first Pan American flight of the Graf Zeppelin airship in 1930. Read more

Trudging back out through the snowy evening, I headed for the wagon shed. Turning the light into the familiar nesting corner brought a sigh of relief. Read more

Although Gramma rightly declared me too “shuslich” (impatient and in a hurry), I do recall one piece of embroidery in which I took special pride. It was a counted cross-stitch work that I valued more for its message than for its artistry. Read more