Trudging back out through the snowy evening, I headed for the wagon shed. Turning the light into the familiar nesting corner brought a sigh of relief.

Consistency is the most important part of baking an apple pie to win at the Pennsylvania Farm Show according to  chef and pie judge Tim Twiford, of Redner’s Fresh Market, at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show’s Blue Ribbon Pie Contest. Read more

Chloe Plesic has always liked rabbits, and this year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show the Adams County 4-H’er won best in show for the Californian breed, and she took best in breed for both the Californian and Mini Lop breeds. Read more

Pennsylvania cidermakers were allowed to sell their products for the first time at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show, a change very much welcomed by the Pennsylvania Cider Guild, Ben Wenk who wants people to give cider more consideration as an adult beverage. Read more

Reducing the regulatory burden on agritourism will be a top lobbying priority for Pennsylvania’s agriculture organizations this year. Leaders from five ag groups spoke at a House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Read more

There was something new under the sun this year in Pennsylvania Farm Show’s Family Living baking competitions. After sponsoring the annual thumbprint-cookie open baking competition for the past seven years, Gretchen Maser, owner of Christina Maser Pantry in Lancaster, decided it was time for contestants to trade in their cookie sheets for baking pans. Read more

Beautifully decorated angel food cakes spread out across five tabletops for the annual Incredible Angel Food Cake Contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Egg Farmers and the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs. Read more

Perhaps mincemeat is an acquired taste. I just think it’s “one of those regional things” that some folks grow up with and others are adventurous enough to try. Read more

No matter where you work, away from home or at home, you can add the following tips into your day for a healthier workday and better productivity this year. Read more

You can work your magic at the table with maple syrup, honey, confectioners’ sugar, cinnamon sugar, fresh fruit and/or softened butter. Or you can cook your artistry right into the pancakes by adding chocolate chips, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, sliced bananas, or raspberries instead of the blueberries. Read more

The Pennsylvania Farm Show that opens this weekend might not look much different to visitors, but the state’s top agricultural showcase is in a much better financial situation than it was a year ago. Read more

Thanks to the Farm Show Foundation that early youth initiative now awards tens of thousands in scholarships to a couple times that original number of recipients. Read more

A United Nations “World Happiness Report,” released back in March, notes that the level of happiness experienced by folks in our country is less than it was a couple of decades ago. Read more

Sometimes I will have a Rural Ramblings reader ask me if it’s difficult to come up with a topic to write about every week. My usual response is that, when you live on a farm, there is typically no shortage of materials to write about. Read more

It’s not that any of us needs a reminder of the year’s winter solstice. It’s been creeping up on us since the first late-summer evening when we began noticing a slight shortening in our hours of daylight. Read more

You don’t need to invest in fancy workout equipment to be able to get in a workout at home. Consider a bodyweight circuit to get your heart pumping. Bodyweight exercises utilize multiple muscle groups and can burn more calories than you think. Read more

“The Friendly Beasts” is the perfect carol for farmers with livestock. Thanks to English lyrics authored by Robert Davis in the 1920s, it tells the Christmas story from a different perspective that has a pleasant familiarity for those of us who raise animals. Read more

While pounding out a turkey breast, chunking up ciabatta rolls and zapping cranberries in a blender, chef Deb Bixler kept up a constant stream of cooking tips recently as she demonstrated creative “twists” to traditional holiday foods during a program at the Stewartstown Senior Center. Read more

The Eshelmans, of Plow Farms, invited the New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club to participate in the event. Dogs that are certified in cart-pulling were allowed to pull Christmas trees in from the field. Read more

The candy pigs come in several sizes, each with its own name, accompanied by a small nickel-plated hammer. As the pig is passed around the dinner table, each person breaks off a small piece with hopes of a prosperous and healthy year ahead. Read more

Mushroom contests have special meaning in Pennsylvania, where mushrooms are an important cash crop, accounting for some 8% of the state’s agricultural output. Mushrooms produce $612 million annually, which is close to the value of the state’s corn crop. Read more