PEARL is located on the Patuxent River, which is part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Research conducted at the state-of-the art facility is designed to increase the understanding of coastal ecosystems so that they may be properly managed and protected. Read more

Dreary skies from the previous day, which had brought a welcome quarter-inch of moisture, had cleared, and heavy dew on the grass sparkled in the bright sunshine. Read more

Children are experiential learners; they learn about their world using all of their senses. The more often they are exposed to foods in a calm, low-pressure environment, the more likely they are to try and enjoy them. Read more

For the past four years, we’ve invited the neighbors surrounding our cattle pasture, as well as others involved with our beef operation, to join us at the farm for a “Pasture Pals Party.” Read more

The source of the plopping sounds was obvious: fat, black walnuts were dropping all over. Another “plop” sounded toward the little creek, and then a “plink” rang out, when one of the plentiful nuts plummeted onto a piece of equipment parked at the edge of the trees. Read more

I am not sure if any Rural Ramblings readers are old enough to remember the singing duo of Peaches and Herb, but I do. And when I think of them, I think of their song “Reunited.” Part of the chorus is “reunited and it feels so good” — and those are exactly the words I feel as I think back ov… Read more

Tractor collectors are more than a bit like football fans. Both can be fiercely loyal to their teams and their colors, they buy tons of merch, they’re immersed in the history and minutiae of their “teams” and they’re not averse to hurling insults at each other and the others’ teams/machines. Read more

“Conservation plan” is not an official term. For the purposes of this discussion, we define a conservation plan as a set of documents that includes either a nutrient management plan or a manure management plan — but not both — plus an agricultural erosion and sedimentation control plan. Read more

TIMONIUM,  Md. — “I have personally never seen a mammary system on a cow like this cow,” said judge Ryan Krohlow about the winning Holstein, Highcroft Absolute Lily-Red at the Maryland State Fair supreme dairy show on Sept, 2. “She has so much height, so much width, bloom and veination, all … Read more

I’m fortunate that the little borough where my farm is located has a small post office all our own, even if we do share the ZIP code with a larger post office in the county seat. Read more

As much as I hate to admit it, this is not the first time that a neck pumpkin has languished in storage here for longer than one would expect. Read more

Elizabeth Nichols won second place in the youth dairy cattle show, sixth place in the open dairy cattle show, fifth place in dairy cattle showmanship, third in individual FFA livestock judging, and second as part of her FFA team at the New York State Fair. Read more

Craig Finkbiner wanted to farm, but really didn’t enjoy milking cows. He loved being in the field with the crops. But, he still needed something more to keep the family farm operating. Read more

As the summer months come to a close, families are preparing to go back to school. With childhood obesity on the rise, it’s important to think about back-to-school nutrition. Read more

As a kid, it was a day we dreaded — and looked forward to, maybe just a tad — because the day after Labor Day meant back to school. Read more

Recently, two country mice named Dennis and Sue set out on a great adventure outside the country, literally. We drove to the big city of Philadelphia. Read more

The Reading Fair went on as planned earlier this month, but for many exhibitors, it just didn’t feel the same. After rain slashed attendance and revenue in 2018, fair organizers concluded a rebuilding year was needed to keep the 165-year-old event afloat. Read more

Across Dairy Road, which slices through the Doyles’ Family Tree Farm in North Hopewell Township, rows of colorful annual flowers attract clouds of butterflies visiting the bright blooms, beckoning to the farm’s cut-your-own-bouquet customers. Read more

According to author and National Geographic fellow Dan Buettner, “Blue Zones” are locations on Earth where people tend to live the longest, with lifespans most frequently over 100 years. Remarkably low rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity are also indicative of Blue Zones. Read more

This season culminates Rachel Rouland's 4-H show career which began with showing a Florida White rabbit when Rachel was a 5-year-old Cloverbud and just ended with a descendant of that same rabbit, among other animals. Read more