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COVID-19 impact has not been the biggest challenge for one York County orchard. Dan and Karen Paulus have faced other emergencies since taking over as owners of Paulus Mt. Airy Orchard in Biglerville in 1999.

How does your corn or soybean harvest look this fall?

October 24, 2020

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Instead of a scary snake, it was a harmless-looking turtle. It was about the size of a luncheon plate, and the poor thing kept ducking its head and moving its legs in and out of its shell as Lizzie advanced, then retreated, repeating this pattern over and over. Read more

While families with children across the U.S. are struggling to adapt to the new “COVID-19 normal” school year, there are some that face more challenges than others, and many of those are in rural America. Read more

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In southcentral Connecticut, just north of New Haven, a city with a large Italian-American population, the Castaldi family has been turning out hundreds of loaves of Italian bread daily at its Venice Bakery for 80 years. Read more

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Store home-canned jars in a cool, dry, dark location so they will last well into next year. Make a plan to consume your preserved food throughout the year, so you don’t end up with a surplus as you’re ready to can more food next summer. Read more

There’s a lot of truth to that old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine.” It’s always wiser to fix something sooner, rather than later, if you want to keep it in usable condition. Read more