Produce seems to be “picky” about whether or not it grows and thrives. Some species of fruit… Read more

The reopening of schools is being debated in every state due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Would you prefer that your children:

August 1, 2020

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Why not change its look a tad by replacing the window curtains? And why not give this intentionally old-fashioned looking bedroom an even more retro look by hanging some of the vintage lace curtains my late mother had long ago stowed in a chest upstairs? Read more

Since it is our initial experiment with this particular part of planting green — rolling down winter-cover grasses rather than a total chemical-kill of the foliage — it’s an ongoing learning experience this season. Read more

Even a “bare bones” overnight hunting camp trip requires a little planning and packing, despite how minimal we try to keep it. Some blankets, sweatshirts or sweaters, change of clothes, extra shoes and at least a little bit of foodstuffs are mandatory. Read more

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I’m already hopeful of finding those elusive recipes for pumpkin custard with a butter line like my grandmother’s and the butterscotch meringue pie that my aunt baked for Christmas dinner dessert. Isn’t it funny how one’s memory can actually retain flavors and aromas from many years gone by? Read more

For those running wedding barns in the Mid-Atlantic region, their main wedding season is from April to November. So, just as COVID-19 slammed into the United States this spring, the farm phones started ringing off the hook with worried brides. Read more

With the lengthiest day comes the long-awaited treats of summer: slices of juicy, red watermelon, ears of sweet corn just picked from the garden and dripping butter all over our fingers, succulent fresh peaches, burgers sizzling on backyard grills and the first ripe, fresh, home-grown tomato. Read more

In a perfect world, our barnyard and pasture would be connected and this operation would just be a matter of opening a gate and saying “Git!” However, our farm isn’t laid out like that and there’s really no way to rearrange things where pastureland and barn are adjacent. Read more

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For nearly 50 years and three generations, ownership of the Farmersville Auction in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, has passed from father to son in the Rutt family. And, the fourth generation has already arrived. Read more