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By doing an online search for Harvest china, I would soon learn that what I had just purchased were 6-1/2-inch-in-diameter “bread and butter plates” produced by the Homer Laughlin China Co. of Newell, West Virginia, in the 1940s.

How will farmers fare with the Biden administration?

January 23, 2021

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Sorting through a basket of old Christmas cards a few days ago yielded up a surprise from long ago — at least 20 years ago. The date was missing on the brittle, faded piece of paper, but it was a sobering reminder of how much time has passed, so quickly. Read more

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I don’t mean to sound like an “old fogey,” but after a recent bout of Christmas shopping, I again found myself thinking, “My, how times have changed!” Read more

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Even before the current COVID-19 pandemic, long working hours, early mornings, physically demanding tasks, coupled with market fluctuations and weather conditions contributed to the chronic stress experienced by farm families that affects their physical and mental health. Read more

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Mary’s Go Round Petting Zoo is well-known in southern Maryland for its farm menagerie of cuddly critters that includes rabbits, chicks, ducks, geese, pygmy goats, sheep, mini donkeys, mini horses, mini zebu cows, alpacas and two camels — one named Princess Jasmine and the other, Aladdin, of course. Read more