Whether they are quiet or talkative, rich or poor, dairymen, machinery experts, crop farmers or more, we love our hardworking farmer fathers.

They stand tall in our minds and big in our hearts. We learn many life lessons from them — about how to handle a business, a sick animal or a struggling crop.

Farm fathers know the lore of the land, the way to gently handle livestock or how to raise fruits and vegetables.

From them, we learn what we’re made of and we become stronger from their shared wisdom and caring souls.

Most of all, we are always proud to call them Dad.

In celebration of Father’s Day on June 16, we at Lancaster Farming celebrate with our readers these farm fathers in picture and word.

And, most of all, we say to all those farm fathers out there: Thank you, Dad, we love you!


Madelyn, Abigail, Noah and Gemma Sensenig enjoy spending time outdoors with their dad, Jeff, in May in Nottingham, Pennsylvania."Thank you, Dad, for all the hard work you do on the farm!"


Hay Making Time: My grandfather, Clifford Long, in Hustontown, PA in the 1940's and my Dad, John Keefer, with grandson, Luke Keefer, Orrstown, PA in July, 2009.


On Feb. 4 this year (the day we brought Emory home from the hospital), Warner Tuttle shows his newborn son, Emory Kenneth Tuttle (who is 3 days old), how to use the Telehandler on the farm in Barto, Pennsylvania.


On May 27, Byron Nolt and his children, Brantley and Lavonne take a farm ride together in Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania.


Always making time for family, Jeff Nissley assists daughter, Abrianna Nissley, in fitting her dairy beef calf for a show in August 2018 at Jubilee Dairy in Middletown, Pennsylvania.


Henry Byma having a bit of fun catching frogs on one of the dairy farm ponds with his sons Richard, Luke and Dean, in Wantage, NJ, May 2019.


Blake Sweigart, of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, does the afternoon milking with his daughters, Savannah and Taylee.


Sunday afternoon reading with Jerone "Pawpaw" Hively and Elijah Brinton on April 7 in Brogue, Pennsylvania. "Every Sunday, these two read Lancaster Farming together and find their next purchase!"


Mark is a hardworking father and enjoys farming with his children. (This photo was taken on Easter, April 21, 2019 at our home in Carlisle, PA) Pictured is Mark with his 4 children- Mason, Madison, Grant & Cole


Learning to the drive the ol’ farm truck, helmets on please! Summer 1999 in Middletown, Pennsylvania, with Mel, Renee (Gruber), and Jeremy Nissley. To Fathers:"Sometimes having your children help around the farm can get more work done and sometimes less. Now as a parent, I can better see the struggle. Whether it’s when I forgot the well pipe sticking up in the ground and backed the skidloader up over it, getting it stranded, or the day I threw planter parts out for a the trash man! To my credit as a youth, the planter parts were sitting beside the trash barrels in the shop. I collected all the ‘trash’ one evening and set it out. Coming home from school the next day, i learned the headache and frustration I had caused. Those were GOOD planter parts and you went to the incinerator plant that day and dug through the garbage piles from that day’s trucks to find the costly planter parts! You extended grace many times, in the midst of your frustration as a father, recognizing it was accidental on my part. Lessons learned. Thank you Dad!"


Preston Eshelman and daughter Kylie Eshelman (5) planting corn on their farm in McElhattan PA May 2019.


Rick and Maria Klim. Maria my daughter just got done helping me put a milker on a cow. Winter of 2019


Tim Owens loading seed with his helpers Caroline and Tucker Owens. Katie Owens is checking to see if it's dry enough to plant. Mill Hall, PA, April 2017