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What’s the favorite menu item at your Fourth of July picnic?

July 4, 2020

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Plant-based eating is one of the hottest nutrition trends. When people think of plant-based eating, they mainly think of eating more fruits and vegetables, but what they might not realize is that dry beans, peas and lentils will help to add variety and nutrition to the menu. Read more

During Pennsylvania Farm Show week, 32 contestants baked fresh whoopie pies and drove them to Harrisburg to enter into the Farm Show’s Greatest Whoopie Pie Contest. Read more

Consistency is the most important part of baking an apple pie to win at the Pennsylvania Farm Show according to  chef and pie judge Tim Twiford, of Redner’s Fresh Market, at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show’s Blue Ribbon Pie Contest. Read more

What would you do if you had leftover pieces of cake? If you are Faith Landis, from Lancaster County, you would use them as inspiration for a competition. Read more

There was something new under the sun this year in Pennsylvania Farm Show’s Family Living baking competitions. After sponsoring the annual thumbprint-cookie open baking competition for the past seven years, Gretchen Maser, owner of Christina Maser Pantry in Lancaster, decided it was time for contestants to trade in their cookie sheets for baking pans. Read more

Beautifully decorated angel food cakes spread out across five tabletops for the annual Incredible Angel Food Cake Contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Egg Farmers and the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs. Read more

In an unusual twist, a top-five winner at the Pennsylvania Farm Show’s annual Chocolate Cake Contest, Becky Morrison, baked two pies into her cake. Read more

No matter where you work, away from home or at home, you can add the following tips into your day for a healthier workday and better productivity this year. Read more