Is USDA’s loan forgiveness for socially disadvantaged farmers unfair to white farmers?

May 8, 2021

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Thanks to a recent stretch of mild sun-filled days and cool nights, fresh spinach is back in town. These early weeks of spring have been extremely welcoming to my backyard seedlings, now about an inch high. In the meantime, I’m turning to several local growers with the leafy goods, and I cannot get enough. I’m not talking about the triple-washed baby spinach in oversized clamshell containers, but instead big sandy bunches fastened with a rubber band and in need of a really good rinse. Spinach that tastes like it means it. Read more

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: The day has gone long, and you have not had a moment to think about dinner. You scrounge through the fridge and the cabinets and you think, there is nothing to eat in this place. Me too. I suspect that your larder is more plentiful and full of meal potential than meets the cooking-weary eye. I’ll admit; it takes practice to cook with exactly what you have on hand, and the temptation to snack versus cook is real. The pandemic is making you crazy. And so on. Read more

In these early weeks of spring, local farmers are way ahead of us mere mortals who like yours truly might still be perusing seed catalogs. And as they tend to their seedlings and gear up for spring and summer harvests, farmers across the county are counting on us to express our appreciation — for the indigo blueberries and foraged mushrooms and marigold-colored egg yolks and gorgeous lettuces and juicy cucumbers — by opening our wallets. Read more