How does your corn or soybean harvest look this fall?

October 24, 2020

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Oxidation and inflammation are the main causes of these eye diseases. The lens of the eye is most susceptible to oxidative damage because its protective cells don’t renew themselves. Read more

Vitamin E is important throughout the lifecycle, providing antioxidant benefits to help fight against cancer, heart disease and age-related eye damage such as macular degeneration. Read more

Navigating social distancing and its related consequences have required significant adjustments to almost everyone’s daily routine, and along with these new realities often comes an unprecedented sense of loss. Read more

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When shopping for milk, consumers will find a “sell by” date stamped on the bottle. This is not the day the milk should be poured down the drain. This is the last date the grocery store can sell the bottle of milk. The sell-by date is designed to give consumers time to use the product at hom… Read more

During this pandemic, caused by COVID-19, we have seen some regional scarcity of foods such as meat and eggs as well as rising prices in many types of foods. With dine-in eating at restaurants not an option anymore, we are cooking and baking more at home. Read more

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In a “Stress Management/Mental Health Awareness” webinar, Downes and NY FarmNet family consultant Brenda O’Brien told how closely related physical and emotional well-being are, how to identify and manage stress, and things people can do to build resiliency and stay positive during this extremely trying time. Read more

While farmers continue to do their usual daily chores, plus prepare for the busy spring season of planting and harvest, the COVID-19 pandemic has dumped yet another load on their weary backs and minds. As equal partners, and sometimes the primary operator as well as family caregiver, farm women often bear more than their share of the mental and emotional overload. Read more