Podcast host and producer Eric Hurlock takes a selfie in the hemp at King's AgriSeeds Hemp Field Day, August 2022.

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Each passing year seems to go a little faster than the year before, which makes 2022 the fastest year I’ve ever experienced.

But even in its quickness, I managed to talk to a lot of people on the hemp podcast this year — over 80 interviews in 48 episodes.

Much of the discussion focused on regenerative agriculture, soil health and carbon sequestration, which in my view harmonize with the message of hemp.

Maybe you didn’t have a chance to listen to all 48 episodes, so this week we’re publishing a two-part Year in Review so you can get a sense of who we talked to and what we talked about.

While the majority of the conversations focused on hemp, there were some non-hemp episodes in the mix too, including an interview with sauerkraut guru Sandor Katz and another with California dairy farmer Blake Alexandre, owner of the largest certified regenerative dairy farm in the U.S.

But for the most part, we talked to people in the hemp industry — farmers here in Pennsylvania and around the country, entrepreneurs trying to set up processing facilities, policymakers, historians, advocates, filmmakers, musicians — all kinds of people doing all kinds of interesting things.

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