First, and the most obvious, is to buy milk that has the PA Preferred green checkmark and label somewhere on the bottle or displayed by the ingredients list. A PA Preferred product is one that is produced, processed and marketed in Pennsylvania. Read more

Ali Dziedzinski and her husband, TJ, grow 15 types of apples, peaches and Asian pears, 2,000 strawberry plants, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and vegetables. They process jams and jellies from their fruit. It has been a learning process, but they expand their crops each season. Read more

On Friday, March 6, Penn State Extension will be hosting a new version of this meeting. “Dairy Focus: Spend Less, Make More” will take a closer look at some key areas on dairy operations that can have big financial impacts on a producer’s bottom line. Read more

Lancaster dairy farmer and candidate for National Farmers Union president, Mike Eby, told the Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations at its annual meeting that he will encourage NFU to use Pennsylvania dairy legislation as a model for other states to consider. Read more

The PA Beef Producers Working Group is bringing Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, associate professor of Beef Cattle Production at Texas A&M University, to several locations in the commonwealth to give area cow-calf producers strategies for effectively raising replacement beef heifers. Read more

There appears to be a general belief among cooperative members in the commonwealth that the board has some control over how their respective cooperative distributes the OOP or that we have chosen to ignore the issue over the years because it may be politically expedient for us to do so. Read more

Beef producers packed the room during the annual Lancaster Cattle Feeders Day on Tuesday at the Lancaster Farm and Home Center. The event hosted by Penn State Extension featured Henry Zerby of Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Co-op Inc. Read more