Alfalfa is an excellent source of protein in the dairy cow diet. Research funded by the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program is evaluating new opportunities to grow alfalfa in combination with grass species to provide dairy farmers with the opportunity to enhance forage yield, quality and digestibility. Read more

Colby Castle, a Cornell animal science major who grew up on a cattle ranch, had heard of facial recognition for cows but never imagined how close the technology was to being widely used — or that he could have a role in developing it. Read more

There are times when a latex milking glove only holds so much information, or a pen can only take being used like a pry bar so many times before it doesn’t write. Pretty much around the clock, though, having a smart phone on your person is normal. As being such, I’ve put together a list of a… Read more

As part of the 2019 Summer Organic Dairy Series, the University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program will sponsor free workshops in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire beginning in July. Read more

We all know that if you can get a cow or heifer through the three weeks pre-calving, calving and then the three weeks post-calving without incident, then it is very likely she will successfully complete the lactation. Read more

For the 2019 growing season, the West Virginia Department of Agriculture issued 158 individual licenses under the industrial hemp program. This included 71 applicants who marked processing as part of their submission. The proposed total acreage to be grown by licensees is 2,531. Read more

The USDA announced that dairy producers who elected to participate in the Livestock Gross Margin for Dairy Cattle Program (LGM-Dairy) now have the opportunity to participate in the Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) for 2018 coverage. Read more