Treffler Maschinenbau Precision tine harrow

Treffler is a well known Ag and Food Prep Machinery company in the Germany going back to the 17th century although they are relatively new to the American market. Through a partnership with Man@Machine, they have set up a sales and promo operation specializing in Treffler machines to distribute their products world-wide. 

As of October 5th, Treffler will now let you hear directly from their experts in Echsheim, Germany to ask whatever machines you are interested in knowing more about.  Here is just an intro to what they have to say about their products.

TS Precision Tined Harrow

  • Harrowing between and in the rows, effective in all field and row crops, organic and conventional
  • Hydraulic extra-large tine pressure adjustment ranges from 100gr-5000gr (3,5 oz – 11lbs.) , for a subtle start up to maturity
  • Tines follow contour of the field, bed or ridge without increasing in pressure ensuring uniform harrowing at all working heights
  • Available in models ranging from 80 cm (5 ft.) hand drawn, up to 18 m (60 ft.) on a 3-pt hitch

TINY Harrow series

  • The TINY Treffler is a hand drawn harrow with the working width of 80cm (2 ft 7 in), 100 (3 ft 4 in) and 130cm (4 ft 3 in)
  • Shares the same principle with the big Treffler harrows: in the row harrowing, adjustable tension and the patented tine suspension
  • Each tine follows the contour of the field and the downward pressure remains constant
  • The TINY is effective throughout the growing season in greenhouses or for small enterprises in vegetable production or seed propagation
  • Wheels extendable from one or both sides to straddle a bed

Millomat Tornado 100 Jet

  • One machine for everything from wholemeal flour to shredded whole grain
  • For wholemeal flour conforming to DIN 10355
  • Also suitable for the grinding of spices and herbs
  • Suitable for hard-to-mill products (oats, lentils, peas, maize, millet, rice, etc.)
  • Ideal for the milling of gluten-free products
  • Perfectly hygienic
  • Completely dust-free
  • No condensation
  • Low-noise motor and milling mechanism
  • Milling at room temperature
  • Excellent meal quality
  • Outstanding milling performance
  • Guaranteed uniform grain size
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Also suitable for integration into existing plants
  • Easy to move by lift truck

TG Precision Cultivator

  • Very shallow work from 2 to 5 cm (0,79 in- 2 in) prevents digging and subsequently re-emergence of weed seeds in the crop
  • Full-field cutting of root spreading weeds
  • Semi-carried and available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m (10ft) to 7.20 m (23.6 ft)
  • The precision cultivator can be easily upgraded and adapted to suit individual needs
  • Wide field of applications – the precision cultivator masters all your tasks
  • Chassis, packer rollers and tines – enhanced maneuverability thanks to integrated drive mechanism
  • Pneumatic seed drill – extend your precision cultivator with our tried-and-tested sowing system
  • Suitable for tractors from 66 kW/90 HP upwards

TGA Precision 3-point cultivator

  • Precise adjustable shallow working height for minimal soil disturbance
  • Prevents digging and subsequently re-emergence of weed seeds in the crop
  • 8cm (3in) overlapping cutting sweeps= 100% precision cut
  • Vibrating flat cutting blades= 100% penetrating and incisive cut
  • Wide field of applications – the precision cultivator masters all your tasks
  • A variety of self-cleaning waltz/rolls to choose from, in tune to your type of soil
  • Extend your precision cultivator with our tried-and-tested sowing systems
  • Suitable for operation with tractors from 59 kW / 80 HP.
  • The 3-pt version is available as a front or back (or both) mounted machine, allowing you to attach another machine in one run

TF Spring-Tooth Cultivator

  • Levelling in spring In contrast to conventional levellers, the Treffler spring-tooth harrow is easier to pull, moves more weed seeds and also eliminates root spreading weeds.
  • Particularly suitable for weed control in weed-prone cultures such as maize, soy beans and vegetables. A few weeks prior to sowing, work the soil once, or several times every few days to a depth of approximately 6-8 cm. If necessary, roll it to stimulate germination of the weed seeds.
  • Straw harrowing If the straw is poorly distributed by the combined harvester, run the harrow diagonally across the harvester tracks to achieve a more even distribution of the soil cover.
  • Stubble tillage By working the soil with a goosefoot coulter cultivator, the cut weeds are placed on the surface where they dry, while the germination of lost crop seeds and seeds of weeds is promoted.
  • Cover crop sowing The spring-tooth harrow can be equipped with a pneumatic sowing device, placing the seeds in front of the tines.
  • Ploughless breaking up of trefoil-grass cover After having worked the soil with the goosefoot coulter cultivator, the cover can be turned with the spring-tooth harrow for drying.

TH Precision Hoe

  • Variable adjustment to row spacing
  • Available in a range of working widths 1.80 up to 9m (6 ft- 29.5 ft)
  • Deflection and scatter plates with parallel guide system
  • Suitable for crop heights up to 60 cm (2 ft)
  • Universally adjustable spring tines as known from Treffler TF series
  • Designed for higher working speeds

TSW Roller Cutter

  • The cut is above the soil, therefore no soil disturbance.
  • Can work quickly with a high capacity
  • Works independently from the working speed
  • Front attachment on your tractor, preventing wheel disturbance
  • Also available as TSW with Steering, Front mounted the TSW-Steering ‘pulls’ the machines, steering is made easy
  • Low energy requirement, think of your footprint
  • Management of crop residues for cover crops as well as stubble management after corn, rape
  • Weight: 1500kg (3.300 lbs) with extra load 1800kg (3.970 lbs)

TKS Sowing Machine

No separation of seeds.

  • Even distribution of the batch partners over the area
  • Optimal dosage

Optimal placement depth

  • Our tine coulters deposit the coarse-grain up to 10cm (4in) deep
  • Small grain seeds are placed over double disc coulters (Lemken) from a depth of 0.5 cm (0.2in)

If you are looking to purchase any of these products you can contact a U.S. Man@Machine promoter at +1 (717) 414-2769.

To talk to one of Treffler's experts, you can register for a time by phone at +31(0) 6 444 28 391.

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