There are only three things we can do with uncommitted bushels at harvest: 1.) sell off the combine; 2.) put in storage unpriced; and 3.) put in storage priced for later delivery. Read more

Glyphosate resistant (GR) horseweed “showed up” in Kent County, Delaware, in 2000. That means seed dispersal occurred in 1999; or prior. Tennessee also saw GR horseweed and the Weed Science Society of America and Southern, Northeastern and Northcentral Weed Science societies quickly got the word out. Read more

The 30-acre Rose family farm is located in New Paris, a small town about 10 miles from their market. The season starts in June with strawberries. From then on, it is a wide array of vegetables, almost anything but corn. Read more

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Recently the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Risk Management Agency worked together to develop a consistent, simple and flexible policy for cover crop practices. Read more

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — When I’m ready to learn about agricultural marketing one of my primary sources is the University of Illinois. This institution has what I believe to be a stellar ag economics department with an excellent set of researchers and teachers. Let’s review some of my notes from… Read more

EAST EARL, Pa. — Farmers place a lot of effort into planting and establishing a forage crop. All of their efforts come to a final decision at harvest time. “You only get one shot to make that feed and you have to feed that for the rest of the year. And that is all your nutritionist gets to w… Read more

ST. LOUIS — Improved seed varieties, advanced production techniques and innovative growing practices helped corn growers achieve ever-higher yields in the National Corn Growers Association 2016 National Corn Yield Contest. Additionally, a record five national entries surpassed the 400-plus b… Read more

SHARPSVILLE/ TRANSFER, Pa. — When the local dairy changed from receiving milk in cans to requiring them to have bulk tanks, Irwin “Speed” McCullough and his wife, Charlene, made the decision to get out of the dairy business. Read more

Plant populations in corn have certainly changed over the course of my career. We have noticed in our Five Acre Corn Club an increase of about 400 plants per acre per year in plant populations. Last year plant populations on these high-yielding fields averaged 31,363 plants per acre, with an… Read more