What’s your favorite fall item at the farmers market?

September 19, 2020

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Franklin County is a dairyman’s paradise, says Steve Ruby. The allure of low-cost farmland and nearby suppliers, a tractor mechanic shop and feed mill appealed to the former Maryland man. Read more

FRIENDSVILLE, Pa. — The Flaherty family has farmed in northeastern Pennsylvania not far from the New York border for generations. Read more

BRACKNEY, Pa. — Rueben and Beth Everitt of Evervue Farm decided when they built their barn and began milking in 1977 that they would stay small. They focus on the details with their registered Holstein cattle. Read more

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The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board will hear testimony Sept. 2 as it prepares to set the over-order premium for the six months starting Oct. 1. Read more

Protections are in place in Pennsylvania for processors and retailers. Currently, there are six Milk Marketing Areas differing in size of geographical area, but specifically situated to address unique market conditions in those six regions of the state. Read more