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The latest rounds of government money are arriving somewhat after the jarring months of March and April — the darkest stretch of the disease outbreak so far, when Northeastern farms dumped roughly 150 million pounds of milk.

What do you think of USDA’s plan to require RFID ear tags for the interstate movement of cattle by 2023?

July 11, 2020

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The 24 states that produce nearly all of the nation’s milk reduced monthly per-cow production by 32 pounds as many cooperatives took measures to curb supply. Read more

WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. — June in western Pennsylvania has been filled with days of perfect haymaking weather, which leaves little time to celebrate Dairy Month. Read more

The tangibles of the industry are easy to list: good feed for the cows, clean bedding, clean equipment on the farm and at the processing plant, proper temperature for the milk storage, and good handling practices once milk products leave the plant for retail sales. Read more

The Dairy Future Commission has a broad mandate to suggest improvements to marketing, regulation, cost of production and current issues — in short, anything that can be done to help the state’s largest ag sector find more secure footing. Read more

Jackie Behr developed the website and social media presence for 97 Milk last year after hearing founder Nelson Troutman explain why he painted one of his bales with a message that milk is roughly 97% fat free. Read more

The 2020 All-American Dairy Show has been canceled to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. The show was originally scheduled to run Sept. 12-16, 2020, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center. Read more

Bill Stone presented “Minimizing Variation Between Formulated and Consumer Rations: A Key to Enhanced Herd Performance” as part of Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems’ “The Nutritionist” series of webinars. Read more