The past few years have been tough on agriculture. Low prices, increased regulations, market losses, weather and more have created an environment where being negative is understandable. But if you have a negative outlook, don’t be surprised if you create a self-fulfilling prophecy of problems. So many situations in life can be looked at in a number of ways, meaning negativity is not the only choice. It doesn’t have to be that way.

My point is that if you look hard enough, there are positives all around you that you can feel good about. It always seems like being positive takes less energy. After all, if you are positive you can trust those around you. But imagine the extra energy it takes if you believe the worst of those around you?

When down, and everyone gets down, turning it around begins with recognition of something positive. It could be your spouse for the great breakfast; it could be the milker that was following protocols when you walked into the parlor; it could it simply be the gift of another day able to work the land and feed God’s people?

What is truly interesting to me, after many years of working with hundreds of producers, is that positive people never seem to get far off course when life throws them a curve ball. They roll with it, never really losing sight of their goals. But those with a negative mindset allow any curveball, regardless of severity, to destroy their entire outlook on life. They lose sight of their goals and their many blessings and fixate on how bad things are. Poor decisions and attitude are the result.

As an article I recently read reminded me, each day we get up and make the choice … today will be a good day filled with a positive attitude or a bad day where it all goes wrong. What was your choice this morning?

Editor’s note: Michael Evanish is manager of MSC Business Services. For more information or to view career opportunities, go to www.pfb.com.