After SUNY Morrisville in Morrisville, New York, held a dairy drive-thru to support local families and farmers last week, Kelly Taylor was inspired to take action.

Her own cooperative started dumping milk, but more and more people reported that their local stores were either out of many dairy products completely or setting a purchase limit for customers.

Taylor, of Taylor Pride Farms in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, teamed up with Steve Wunderlich Hoof Care and the Tioga/Potter County Young Ag Professionals to launch a drive-thru of their own.

“It turned out to be way more successful than we imagined,” Wunderlich said.

The team set up a link for donations on Wunderlich’s business website, and shortly after it went online contributions began pouring in from community members, farmers and local businesses.

The first event, held on Easter Sunday, saw about 100 25-pound boxes donated to families in need. Each box contained various dairy products, from gallons of milk, to string cheese, yogurt and more.

Over 60 cars came to the drive-thru and $2,000 worth of dairy products were donated.

Wunderlich sees the drive-thru donations as two-fold: It helps bring food to needy families and ensures that the milk isn’t going to waste.

Dairy Farmers of America, Turk’s Dairy in Troy, and God’s Country Creamery in Ulysses also donated to the cause.

The physical and monetary donations made online mean that the drive-thru will continue over the next several weeks.

Wunderlich figures that in a few days, the amount of donations has doubled.

“I think everyone should do it if they’re able,” he said of any further drive-thru events.

“This truly could make a large dent in moving dairy products.”

Monetary donations for boxes of products may be made online at

The next drive-thru will take place Sunday, April 19, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at Taylor Pride Farms, 28 Station Road, Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.

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