How does your corn or soybean harvest look this fall?

October 24, 2020

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It is estimated that the average farm creates 500,000 data points and it’s projected that by 2036 farms will be making 4 million data points. Many farmers are unaware of how to use the data being collected on their operations, but IBM has found a solution. Watson Decision Platform is a artif… Read more

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Overall, the county wheat crop looks like it could be heading for a near-record year, according to Jeffrey Graybill, an agronomist and Penn State Extension educator. Read more

According to USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, farmers in New York had planted, as of May 10, 29% of their barley (23% in 2019), 8% corn (less than 5% in 2019), 36% oats (26% in 2019), 17% onions (16% in 2019), and no soybeans (the same in 2019). Read more

While we’re moving beyond the ideal planting dates for many portions of the state, there are still many factors to consider when making planting decisions. Extension agronomist Zach Larson points out that planting into good conditions may trump planting at the ideal time. Read more

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Spring is here, and that means you can see many different types of preparation and planting across farm country. For those growing crops like corn, soybeans, sorghum and wheat, planning started in December; like ordering all the parts needed to fix and prepare equipment over the winter to be ready to plant by April 1. Read more