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While we’re moving beyond the ideal planting dates for many portions of the state, there are still many factors to consider when making planting decisions. Extension agronomist Zach Larson points out that planting into good conditions may trump planting at the ideal time.

If 2025 Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals are not met, who should be held accountable?

May 23, 2020

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Farmers from eastern Pennsylvania gathered at Penn State’s Lehigh County Crops Conference on Jan. 30 to learn about nitrogen management and ways to improve wheat yields. Read more

Erik and Brittany Carbone were making cannabidiol oil in their Long Island kitchen when they took the opportunity to ditch their jobs — his construction and hers Equinox fitness instructor in 2017. Read more

The National Corn Growers Association has announced the winners of the National Corn Yield Contest. State winners will be recognized at the Commodity Classic in San Antonio. Following are the state winners from the Northeast, listed with their seed variety and yield in bushels per acre. Read more

Peter Brooks spent decades looking for just the right place to start a Christmas tree farm, and he’s waited patiently to harvest his first crop of trees, planted seven years ago. Read more

Not only have harvest conditions been favorable, but yields and quality have also been outstanding. “I think this could be a record year for the county for both corn and soybeans,” said Jeff Graybill, a Penn State Extension educator in Lancaster County. Read more