Episode 68: Farmers in New Jersey can now grow industrial hemp in the Garden State. In this week’s show, we talk to New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher and the Director of the Division of Plant Industry at the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Joe Zoltowski. We dig into the de… Read more

Equipment manufacturer New Holland Agriculture has partnered with the National Hemp Association, a hemp advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., to accelerate the return of the hemp commodity crop to farms across North America, under the banner “Pushing Progress Together.” Read more

Episode 67: This week’s Industrial Hemp Podcast was recorded live at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, featuring an in-depth discussion of the 2020 hemp program in Pennsylvania with Fred Strathmeyer, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, and Sarah Pickel, the hemp program coordinator… Read more

Episode 65/66 Over the course of this show, we’ve talked to many wonderful, passionate, knowledgeable people from the world of industrial hemp – farmers, inventors, visionaries, business leaders, policy makers, artists – and so to celebrate the end of the year, we thought we’d check back in… Read more

Episode 65/66 Over the course of this show, we’ve talked to many wonderful, passionate, knowledgeable people from the world of industrial hemp – farmers, inventors, visionaries, business leaders, policy makers, artists – and so to celebrate the end of the year, we thought we’d check back in… Read more

2019 started optimistically for hemp enthusiasts. The president had just signed the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the commercial growing of the crop after an 80-year prohibition. Read more

Episode 64: This week on the Industrial Hemp Podcast we talk to hemp farmer Ben Davies from Wild Fox Farm in eastern Berks County, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife Karah have developed 17 different retail products from their high CBD hemp harvest – everything from lip balm and tinctures … Read more

Episode 62: While the hemp industry buzzes about CBD, it’s important to remember the other side of industrial hemp: the fiber side. Fiber varieties of the cannabis plant have been grown since ancient times to make paper, clothing and building materials. This week’s guest, Steve Allin, has b… Read more

Episode 61: This week we talk to Larry Nagle, founder of the Cannabis College of America, designed to teach students the various phases of growing, harvesting, drying and packaging hemp. The school will offer online and in class sessions starting this January. Nagle’s deep experience with … Read more

Barbara Miller believes in both the economic and medical benefits of the cannabis plant, so it's no surprise that industrial hemp is at the center of her business plan for her farm, Crescere, in Madison County, Virginia. Read more

Episode 59: This week’s show is divided into three parts. First we talk to Joshua Decatur, CEO of Trace, a Vermont-based technology company that is building a block-chain based application that will help standardize and verify hemp crop information, making a crop easily traceable from farm … Read more

Episode 58: This week we talk to Dr. Ruth Welliver, the director of the Bureau of Plant Industry at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, which over sees the industrial hemp program in the state. We talk about what PDA got right this year and what lessons it’s learning for next year. P… Read more

Episode 56: On this week’s podcast we talk to Dr. Mowgli Holmes, co-founder and CEO of Phylos, a plant science company that is trying to revolutionize the hemp industry through data, technology and expertise. In this wide ranging interview we discuss plant breeding, cannabis genetics, why s… Read more

Growers in New York are also getting involved in hemp production. The New York Department of Agriculture and Markets lists about 58 entities that process hemp in New York. According to Cornell Cooperative Extension, approximately 3,500 acres of New York farmland was approved for industrial hemp research in 2018, an increase of more than double from the previous year. Read more

There has been a spate of thefts at Pennsylvania hemp farms. CBD plants are being topped and hauled away, and in some cases entire plants have been stolen. Some farms have lost dozens of plants, others over a thousand. Who would have guessed that the biggest pest to the hemp crop would turn… Read more

Hemp farmers, researchers and policy experts talked about farming practices on Tuesday during the inaugural Pennsylvania Hemp Summit at the Lancaster County Convention Center, an event presented by the state Ag Department and the Team Pennsylvania Foundation. Read more

Episode 54: This week we taped our show on stage at the 2019 Pennsylvania Hemp Summit at the Lancaster Convention Center in d owntown Lancaster, PA. The guests on the show were seed breeders and hemp growers Tom Culton and Joe Ullman, who spoke about the importance of knowing where your see… Read more

Episode 53: On this week’s show, we check in with the gang at Floyd’s of Leadville – Floyd Landis, Jake Sitler and Wayne Bendistis – who bring us up to speed on their endeavor to contract Pennsylvania farmers to grow high-quality, organic hemp for their line of nationally distributed CBD pro… Read more

Since the Farm Bill has legalized growing hemp, producers and researchers are working to learn about the most effective harvesting methods. Read more

Episode 52: On this week’s show, we talk to Tara Caton, the research coordinator at the Rodale Institute where she is the leader of the industrial hemp research trials. The institute is studying the weed suppression benefits of industrial hemp when it’s added into crop rotation and no-till f… Read more

Alan Wagner, owner of Wagner’s Greenhouses in Altoona, Pennsylvania, had been in the greenhouse business for 45 years. Now, he exclusively grows industrial hemp. Read more

Hemp farming and fiber production were an important part of our state heritage until the door was closed by federal regulation 70 years ago. When Congress reopened that door with the 2014 federal Farm Bill, Pennsylvania wedged a boot firmly in the door early and built a robust research program to explore the range of issues tied to building a hemp market in Pennsylvania. Read more

On this week's show, we feature a small first time hemp operation in Bucks County. We talk to farmers Rich Yang and Nicholas Cole of Under the Sun Hemp, where they just installed a drying facility. We also check in with Team Pennsylvania's Kelly Kundratic about the 2019 Hemp Summit in Lanca… Read more

Episode 50: On this week’s show we discuss how this ancient crop, often harvested by hand, is a bright spot of ag innovation, and how some Lancaster County farmers already have the systems in place for a smooth transition to growing hemp. Then we hear from deputy ag secretary Fred Strathmeye… Read more

The Slaytons looked over their field of young hemp plants in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and noted that they were far behind the expected growth plateau for this time of season and said simply, “We planted too late, but we couldn’t help it. We didn’t get them planted until early June.” Read more

Episode 49: On this week's show we talk to Delaware Valley University biology professor Dr. Chris Tipping. A trained entomologist, Tipping has been involved with his university’s industrial hemp research program since its inception in 2017. Tipping discusses the various pests a hemp farmer… Read more

Since legalizing industrial hemp nationwide with the 2018 Farm Bill, interest in the versatile commodity has taken off in New York. For the first time, Empire Farm Days, the largest outdoor ag show in the Northeast, featured a brand-new Hemp Center. Read more

On this episode of the Industrial Hemp Podcast, we go deep into the specifics of harvesting and drying CBD hemp, from cutting the stalks to the best way to set up a drying room, plus how to keep mold from contaminating the crop. First we check in with Bucks County, Pennsylvania, hemp farmer… Read more

Penn State's hemp field day, held at the Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center, drew more than 360 attendees eager to hear a wide range of farmers, processors and hemp experts tell their stories and answer questions. Read more

On this week's podcast we talk to Dr. Steve Groff of Groff North America, a hemp processor in York County, Pennsylvania, that is bringing HempTrain technology to its Red Lion processing center. Groff shares breaking news about Groff North America’s recent acquisition. We also hear from a La… Read more

How are things looking at area hemp farms? That’s what podcast host Eric Hurlock wanted to find out so he visited three local hemp operations to talk to the farmers. First he went to ReLeaf Farmacy in Glenmore, Pennsylvania, to talk to hemp growers David Thompson and Pat Benzing. Then he … Read more

The United States has never really seen an industry develop out of thin air the way the hemp industry has. Illegal and listed as a dangerous drug only six months ago and now poised to disrupt industries and institutions across the board, hemp has had an incredible journey. Author Jen Hobbs c… Read more

On this episode of the Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast, we talk to cannabis consultant, farmer and entrepreneur, Oneal Latimore. He’s working with Proud Pennsylvania to develop healthy supply chains in the state, while also developing his own hemp farm and processing facility in Ch… Read more

After an 80-year hiatus, hemp is being planted on farms throughout Pennsylvania this year. Lancaster County used to be the epicenter of hemp production, and you could say the county is now picking up right where it left off. Read more

On this week's episode of the Industrial Hemp Podcast, we celebrate Hemp History Week with a handful of stories about hemp’s role in history through the ages, as well as hemp related news such as the USDA’s most recent guidance on industrial hemp and the FDA’s hearing on CBD. Then, host Er… Read more

After the 2014 Farm Bill brought hemp into the general ag consciousness, Bill Roberts’ gears started turning. And when Pennsylvania began its hemp pilot program in 2017, Perry County Land & Cattle was among the first permit holders. Read more

For the 2019 growing season, the West Virginia Department of Agriculture issued 158 individual licenses under the industrial hemp program. This included 71 applicants who marked processing as part of their submission. The proposed total acreage to be grown by licensees is 2,531. Read more

Podcast episode 32 goes to Barto, Pennsylvania — to Wildfox Farm — where Ben and Karah Davies own and operate what two years ago was simply an organic produce and pastured meat farm. But the farm is now also a leader of industrial hemp growth in eastern Berks County. For first year hemp gro… Read more

The Industrial Hemp podcast goes on the road this week to a farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania, where two local businesses are collaborating to build a tiny house made from hemp. COEXIST Build is a design and build company owned and operated by architect Anastasiya Konopitskaya and her hu… Read more

There’s been a lot of speculation that hemp seed cake – the byproduct of crushing hemp seed for oil – would make an excellent feed for beef and dairy cattle, as well as for other types of livestock, such as poultry and pork. The nutritional profile of the hemp cake looks pretty good. It’s su… Read more

Erin Williams of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, who served as a panelist at the hemp summit, said there is a significant interest in growing industrial hemp, especially in southside Virginia. Read more

Episode 26 of the Industrial Hemp Podcast gathers perspective from various places. First we talk to Pennsylvania Senator Judy Schwank about the new Senate bill that clears the way for CBD to be used as an ingredient in food and cosmetics. Then Penn State Extension educator Jeff Graybill shar… Read more

Sen. Judy Schwank, D-Berks, recently introduced SB335, the Industrial Hemp Act, recognizes hemp as an allowable cosmetic ingredient, food, food additive or herb to be regulated as any other food ingredient or food commodity. Read more

Pennsylvania’s first hemp processor to be established since the crop was legalized is coming to York County. Steve Groff, a farmer and licensed surgeon, plans to use innovative Canadian machinery to process whole hemp plants for fiber and chemicals. Read more