Delmarva Poultry Industry announced a rebranding including a name change to Delmarva Chicken Association and a new logo.

GEORGETOWN, Del. — Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc. has unveiled a new look.

DPI announced a change on Thursday, Nov. 12, meant to bring the organization representing poultry companies, farmers and growers all over Delmarva more in line with today’s agriculture. The name has been changed to the Delmarva Chicken Association and the logo has been replaced with a new blue and yellow logo surrounding a broiler chicken.

In an age when farming is often identified with precision agriculture, robotics and drones, officials felt it was time to update the image and look of the organization.

“After months of research and planning, we are excited to reveal our new name, Delmarva Chicken Association, and logo. Becoming the Delmarva Chicken Association clarifies our pride in who we are, what we raise and produce and the values we stand for as one of the largest chicken communities in the country,” said Dale Cooke, president of the board of directors.

DPI, which was founded nearly 75 years ago in 1948, has been focused on updating its brand to better reflect its mission for today’s consumers curious about where their chicken comes from, and to provide a connection to new chicken growers, allied businesses, industry professionals and other key stakeholders.

The End of the Delmarva Poultry Festival

In the last few years, the organization ended the longtime Delmarva Poultry Festival with its world’s largest frying pan, food and vendors in favor of other promotional efforts like helping fund the Maryland Farm and Harvest television program.

“The idea to reposition began with the strategic plan we completed at the end of 2018,” said Delmarva Chicken Association Executive Director Holly Porter. “We learned in that process that in order to grow and stay relevant, we needed to make clear we are the region’s representative of all things chicken, and then we needed to find a better way to convey that to all of our audiences. This new brand identity is an exciting tool to help us to do that.”

Porter said the change in name helps reflect that the association represents the many individual growers as well as poultry companies.

“We hope it is a positive affirmation for moving forward,” Porter said. “Our organization continues to adapt. We want to make sure we are relevant.”

Who Does Delmarva Poultry, Now Delmarva Chicken Association Represent?

She said the DCA is a three-legged stool representing five poultry companies, thousands of poultry growers and the grain farmers who produce much of the food for the birds grown every year. In 2019, DCA said the chicken industry produced 609 million chickens on Delmarva farms and generated $3.5 billion in value.

Porter said the yellow of the logo represents the sunrise with the chicken facing toward the future and the blue and the yellow showing a bridge between the old and the new.

DCA meant to unveil the new name and logo at the annual Booster Banquet in April, but the banquet was canceled due to COVID-19.

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