USDA plans to drop an offensive term used as a size grade for small pickles, mushrooms, green olives and lima beans.

“Midget” produce would be reclassified as “petite” under a plan released Monday by the Agricultural Marketing Service.

The group Little People of America has sought the change since 2013 as part of a broader campaign to remove the term, which it considers derogatory, from everyday use.

The other two commodities with “midget” grades, pecans and raisins, were addressed in other rules.

In Associated Press style, “dwarf” is the preferred term for people with a medical or genetic condition resulting in short stature.

Commodity groups are on board with switching to “petite,” according to USDA.

The change is subject to a public comment period ending Oct. 12.

Phil Gruber is the news editor at Lancaster Farming. He can be reached at (717) 721-4427 or Follow him @PhilLancFarming on Twitter.