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Road Apple Sweeper

Clear the board without stepping on any of the road apples

Place warning signs on all of the squares with road apples or find all of the squares without road apples.

Clicking on a square will will reveal one of three things:

  • A blank square
  • A square with a number number
  • A pile of road apples road apples

The first square you click will always be blank or contain a number. It will never have a pile of road apples, and you can't start by placing a warning sign.

If the square is blank, you know that none of the squares adjacent to it have road apples.

If the square has a number in it, you know how many of its adjacent squares contain road apples. The adjacent squares could be above, below, right, left or diagonal to the numbered square. Use this information to help you determine which squares have road apples and which do not.

If the square you click on has a pile of road apples in it, you lose.

You can place a warning sign warning sign on any square that you think has road apples by right clicking with your mouse or doing a long press (mobile users) on the square. Right clicking or doing a long press on the square again will remove the warning sign.

If you have already placed warning signs on the number of squares adjacent to a number that are supposed to have road apples, for example on 3 squares adjacent to a number 3, you can click on the number 3 square and the remaining squares adjacent will be revealed. If you haven't placed 3 warning signs, clicking on the 3 square won't do anything.
If you place a warning sign on all of the available squares around a number and click on the number, nothing will happen. Squares can only be revealed if they don't already have something in them.
NOTE: If you placed one of the warning signs on the wrong square, when the remaining squares are revealed you'll end up with a pile of road apples and lose the game.

Flags remaining
Congratulations! You avoided the road apples and came out smelling like a rose.
Oops! You hit road apples. The smell of fresh, country air will be with you all day.