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Mailbox Markets: Farm Items For Sale

Welcome to Mailbox Markets!

Mailbox Markets is exclusive ag marketplace only available to Lancaster Farming subscribers.

Subscribe today to list products and find amazing items for sale at low prices.
Plus, get 2 free ads every month for the entire year of your subscription – up to a $730 value!

Deadline for Saturday publication is Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time. Ads submitted after this time will be published the following week. Any business or personal ads will be rejected.

For assistance with Mailbox Markets please call 717-721-4432 or email

Connect your Print Subscription to get access to Mailbox Markets.

We are currently updating our system. To connect your subscription please call 717-721-4432 or email

  1. Activate your account to access Mailbox Markets.
  2. Log into your print subscription account to get your account number.
  3. Visit your account profile and enter your print subscription account number.


Buyers/Seller, be aware of whom you are buying from or selling to to avoid potential scam/fraud artists. If you are unsure about the buyer/seller, look into it more before proceeding any further into your transaction. This goes for buying/selling in Mailbox Markets or classified ads or anywhere else.

For assistance with Mailbox Markets please call 717-721-4432 or email

To place a business or paid classified ad, please contact our Advertising Dept. by phone at (717) 394-3047 or submit your ad online.

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