New Holland, Pa.
Feb. 6, 2019
Report Supplied by USDA

RECEIPTS: 205; Last Sale: 297; Last Year: 341.

Compared to last week, Holstein cows sold steady to 100.00 lower. Demand light. Not enough Holstein bulls for a market test. Bred Holstein heifers sold mostly steady to 100.00 lower on another light test. Open Holstein heifers traded firm on a very light test. Wednesday's supply included 98 fresh milking cows, 8 springing cows, 6 bred cows, 37 springing heifers, 28 bred heifers, 23 open heifers, and 5 bulls. One hundred percent of reported supply Holsteins unless otherwise noted. All sales sold on a per head basis.

FRESH COWS: Approved: 700.00-1125.00; Medium: 400.00-775.00; Common: Jersey/Crossbred 175.00-525.00 Few.

SPRINGING COWS: (7-9 months): Approved: 1000.00 Individual; Medium: 400.00-675.00 Few.

CULL COWS: 100.00-875.00.

SPRINGING HEIFERS: (7-9 months): Approved: 600.00-925.00, Jersey/Crossbred 600.00-850.00 Few, Medium: 400.00-600.00, Jersey/Crossbred 375.00-550.00 Few.

BRED HEIFERS: (4-6 months): Approved: 500.00-725.00, Jersey/Crossbred 750.00-850.00 Few; Medium: 400.00-500.00 Few.

OPEN HEIFERS: 100-300 LBS: Approved: 275.00-285.00 Few, Jersey/Crossbred 210.00 Individual. 300-600 LBS: Approved: 500.00-550.00 Few, Jersey/Crossbred 360.00 Individual. 600-900 LBS: Approved: 500.00-610.00, Jersey/Crossbred 450.00-600.00 Few.

BULLS: 1100-1500 lbs few 900.00-950.00.

Price and grade information is reported by QSA-USDA Market News Service. While market reports reflect the majority of Livestock sold at each sale, there are instances where animals do not fit reporting categories and are not included in this report.

Source: USDA Ag Market News, New Holland, PA. Levi Geyer, 717-406-7350. John Stacy, Kayley Ellis, 717-354-2391.2391.