Ephrata, Pa.
Oct. 30, 2019

To provide farmers across the state with a handy reference of commodity input costs in their feeding operations for DHIA record sheets or to develop livestock feed cost data, here are last week’s average costs of various ingredients as compiled from regional reports across the state of Pennsylvania.

Remember, these are averages, so you will need to adjust your figures up or down according to your location and the quality of your crop. Cwt means hundredweight.

ALFALFA: 390.00 ton, 19.50 cwt.

MIXED: 281.25 ton, 14.06 cwt.

TIMOTHY: 238.75 ton, 11.94 cwt.

GRASS: 276.25 ton, 13.81 cwt.

STRAW: 230.00 ton, 11.50 cwt.

CORN: 4.20 bu, 7.52 cwt, 150.12 ton.

WHEAT: 5.46 bu, 9.12 cwt, 182.00 ton.

BARLEY: 3.99 bu, 8.53 cwt, 166.04 ton.

OATS: 2.77 bu, 8.64 cwt, 173.13 ton.

SOYBEANS: 8.51 bu, 14.21 cwt, 283.56 ton.