Des Moines, Iowa
Nov. 6, 2019
Report Supplied by USDA

Compared to two weeks ago: Trade activity and demand moderate for organic feed grade corn and soybeans. Trade inactive on organic feed grade wheat. Demand light. Trade activity light on organic soybean oil with demand good. Imported organic soybean meal prices are negatively impacting domestic crushing. Trade inactive on all other organic grains. Feed mills are taking in new crop organic corn and soybeans. Cash market remains unchanged from pre-harvest bids. Bid prices FOB for feed grade organic corn range from 7.60 to 9.00 with organic feed soybeans 19.00. The next available report will be Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

Grower FOB Farm Gate Organic Grain

GROWER SPOT FEED GRADE PRICES: Yellow Corn: 7.50-9.80, avg 8.13, yr ago 9.18. Soybeans: 18.00-19.00, avg 18.49, yr ago 17.68.

CASH BIDS: Yellow Corn: 7.60-9.00. Soybeans: 19.00.

Grower Delivered Warehouse and Elevator Organic Grain

GROWER SPOT FEED GRADE PRICES: Feed Grade: Yellow Corn: 7.90-9.25, avg 8.53, down 0.43, yr ago 9.36. Soybeans: 18.12-20.00, avg 18.86, down 0.14, yr ago 18.75. Wheat: yr ago 8.17.

FORWARD CONTRACTS: Soybeans: 19.25 for Jan ‘20-Jan ‘20.

CASH BIDS: Yellow Corn: 8.00-9.25. Soybeans: 18.50-19.50. Wheat: 6.75-8.00. Oats: 4.00-5.00. Barley: 6.50. Rye: 5.50.

SOURCE: USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News, Greeley, Colorado | 970-353-9750 |; and USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News, Des Moines, Iowa | 515-284-4460 |,