Kirkwood, Pa.
May 14, 2019
Report Supplied by USDA

ALFALFA/GRASS: 6 loads, 17.31 tons. GRASS: 10 loads, 40.92 tons. STRAW/FODDER: 6 loads, 20.96 tons.

Compared to last week, all varieties of hay and straw traded mostly 20.00-40.00  higher on a light test. Demand good. Supply light to moderate. Buyer attendance  moderate. All prices are considered FOB, although a 10 mile local delivery is  typically provided. Prices reflect various size loads of hay. Prices are per ton.

ALFALFA/GRASS: LARGE SQUARES/ROUNDS: Premium: one load 390.00; Good: one load 320.00. SMALL SQUARES: Supreme: one load 590.00; Good: 340.00-390.00; Fair: one load 220.00.

GRASS HAYS (Timothy/Orchard): LARGE SQUARES/ROUNDS: Premium: 340.00-350.00; Good: 255.00-300.00; Fair: 200.00-210.00. SMALL SQUARES: Fair: 210.00-260.00.

STRAW: LARGE SQUARES/ROUNDS: 320.00-330.00, one load 240.00. SMALL SQUARES: 310.00-350.00.


 Source: USDA Ag Market News, New Holland, PA. Levi Geyer, 717-406-7350. Kayley Ellis, 717-354-2391.