New Holland, Pa.
April 26, 2019
Report Supplied by USDA

Prior week sales for week ending Friday, April 26, 2019. Report comprised of Wolgemuth-New Holland, Kirkwood, and Wolgemuth-Leola hay auctions.

ALFALFA: 10 loads, 41.08 tons. ALFALFA/GRASS: 49 loads, 196.93 tons. GRASS: 80 loads, 352.00 tons. STRAW/FODDER: 31 loads, 130.76 tons. BALEAGE: 1 loads, 12 bales.

Compared to last week, Alfalfa traded mostly steady to firm on another light test. Alfalfa/Grass blended hay traded mostly 10.00-30.00 higher. Large bales of Grass hay traded mostly 10.00-30.00 higher while small bales traded 30.00-50.00 higher. Straw traded mostly steady on continued good demand. Fodder traded unevenly steady. Baleage not tested. Farmers continue to clean out the remainder of 2018's hay crop as we approach the 1st cutting of 2019 hay. Quality of offerings was poorer overall. Demand was largely based on quality with the best quality loads bringing very good demand while fair quality loads brought lighter demand. Buyer attendance moderate. Supply moderate. All prices are considered FOB, although a 10 mile local delivery is typically provided. Prices reflect various size loads of hay. Prices are per ton.

ALFALFA: LARGE SQUARES: Supreme: 380.00-405.00; Premium: 330.00-365.00; Fair: one load 235.00. SMALL SQUARES: Premium: 350.00-375.00; Good: one load 285.00; Fair: one load 230.00.

ALFALFA/GRASS: LARGE SQUARES:  Supreme: 390.00-455.00; Premium: 270.00-360.00; Good: 210.00-265.00; Fair: 150.00-205.00. SMALL SQUARES: Supreme: 475.00-500.00; Premium: 390.00-430.00; Good: 270.00-365.00; Fair: 165.00-250.00.

GRASS HAYS (Timothy/Orchard): LARGE SQUARES: Premium: 290.00-320.00; Good: 205.00-260.00; Fair: 135.00-220.00; Utility: 90.00-115.00. SMALL SQUARES: Premium: 360.00-450.00; Good: 280.00-360.00; Fair: 190.00-285.00; Utility: 130.00-160.00.

STRAW: LARGE SQUARES:  270.00-310.00, poor 175.00-255.00. SMALL SQUARES: 315.00-350.00.

CORN FODDER: LARGE SQUARES/ROUNDS: 170.00-205.00, poor 145.00-155.00.

Source: USDA Ag Market News, New Holland, PA. Levi Geyer 717-406-7350. Catherine Bachman 717-354-2391.