Accident, Md.
June 22, 2020
Report Supplied by Auction

Prices per cwt except where noted.

STOCK STEERS: 200-500 lbs up to 120.00, 500-850 lbs up to 100.00.

STOCK HEIFERS: 200-500 lbs up to 115.00, 500-850 lbs up to 100.00.

SLAUGHTER STEERS: Medium/Good: up to 116.50; Choice: up to 119.75.

SLAUGHTER HEIFERS: Medium/Good: up to 115.00; Medium: up to 95.00.

HOLSTEIN STEERS: Good/Choice: up to 84.00.

BULLS: Light: up to 85.00.

COWS: Utility: 60.00-74.00; Common: 40.00-56.00; Culls: 34.00 and down.

VEAL: Good/Choice: up to 70.00; Medium/Good: up to 55.00; Bob Calves: 12.00 and down.


HOLSTEIN HEIFER CALVES: 85-120 lbs up to 77.50.

BEEF CROSS CALVES: up to 135.00.

HOGS: up to 32.50.


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