Empire Livestock Marketing LLC
Pavilion, N.Y.
June 22, 2020
Report Supplied by Auction

GROWER CALVES: 92+ lbs 50.00-115.00, 80-92 lbs 20.00-85.00.

HEIFER CALVES: 40.00-45.00.

BOB VEAL CALVES: 5.00-25.00.

CULL COWS: Good: 52.00-79.00; Lean: 10.00-59.00.

BEEF BULLS: 71.00.

BEEF FEEDERS: 92.00-95.00; Choice; 102.00-108.00.



A booth offering a unique combination of handmade colorful soaps and duck eggs is new this year. While the adult on the scene is Lynne Shaffer, she will quickly tell you the market business venture is run by her 13-year-old niece, Cora Foreman of Hopewell. Read more