Shippensburg, Pa.
June 23, 2020
Report Supplied by Auction

Peaches: 32.00-37.00 basket.

Tomatoes: 15.00-29.00 25-lb.

Cantaloupes: 2.50-3.30 ea.

Melons: 3.00-6.50 ea.

Green Beans: 42.00-60.00 ½-bu.

Rhubarb: 3.00-3.10 bunch.

Strawberries: 24.00-27.00 flat.

Zucchini: 6.00-21.00 25-lb.

Cucumbers: 28.00-38.00 25-lb.

Squash: 18.00-31.00 ½-bu.

Broccoli: 1.20-2.00 hd.

Sweet Corn: 12.00-15.00 doz.

Lettuce: 2.50-3.00 hd.

Onions: Sprig: 1.20-2.70 bunch; Candy: 15.00-25.00 ½-bu.

Red Beets: 2.00-2.40 bunch.

Sugar Peas: 26.00-31.00 ½-bu; Hull: 18.00-25.00 ½-bu.

Cauliflower: 2.20-2.50 hd.

Cabbage: 0.80-2.00 hd.

Cherries: 35.00-44.00 flat.

Sales: Tuesday and Thursday.


The COVID-19 pandemic has offered many businesses challenges and opportunities. For Sandy Doty, owner of Doty Farms in Marathon, New York, it’s offered the latter as demand for his corn has risen exponentially. Read more