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Extrapolation of a 46-school study released last year by the World Wildlife Fund led to the alarming realization that public schools waste $1.7 billion worth of food annually. That’s about 530,000 tons of fruit cocktail, green beans and other cafeteria rejects.

The reopening of schools is being debated in every state due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Would you prefer that your children:

August 1, 2020

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I am so thankful to have agriculture all around me, to shop for products directly at farms and to understand how our food supply works. Though I know this isn’t the case for many people. Read more

The grocery shelves are short on lots of items, but one thing still in abundance is the trappings of Easter and springtime décor. In the middle of all this chaos and doubt, something colorful stands out. Read more

Running long distances used to be my thing — completing a marathon as a high-schooler remains a lasting memory (along with the aching muscles for days afterward). Read more

If anything can truly describe Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, it’s being stuck behind a tractor and unable to pass because of a horse and buggy. Read more

If the pursuit of common ground on common food names is anything like the domestic dairy industry’s struggle to wrestle ownership of the word “milk” away from plant beverage makers, or the ongoing beef that livestock producers have with fake meat, this will be a lengthy debate. Read more

Pennsylvanians are going to hear the name Nellie Bly a lot more in the coming months. Read more

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It started with excitement over a new federal Farm Bill and closed with an agreement between Democrats and the White House on the future of North American trade. Read more

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — A group of about 50 people convened at the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association on Tuesday to talk about climate change. Read more