How does your corn or soybean harvest look this fall?

October 24, 2020

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Two political conventions are in the books and, unsurprisingly, the nation is no less divided today than it was two weeks ago. Read more

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About 11 million acres — or 2,000 acres a day — of farmland and ranchland were converted to urban and highly developed or low-density residential land use between 2001 and 2016, according to “Farms Under Threat: The State of the States,” a report issued this year by American Farmland Trust (AFT). Read more

From all the hours I spent at the two shows I went to, I didn’t hear a single complaint about wearing a mask. There was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. The kids and families just seemed happy to be showing at the fair. Read more

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The USDA standard for whole milk is 3.25% fat. People Troutman talked to in his informal poll guessed anywhere from 10% to 50%. Only one of the people Troutman posed the question to, his dentist, knew the answer. Read more

Extrapolation of a 46-school study released last year by the World Wildlife Fund led to the alarming realization that public schools waste $1.7 billion worth of food annually. That’s about 530,000 tons of fruit cocktail, green beans and other cafeteria rejects. Read more

The University of Kentucky could soon remove a massive mural in its landmark Memorial Hall — partly because of the painting’s portrayal of four tobacco growers. Read more

My version of classic Americana is green fields filled with corn, black and white Holsteins out in a pasture, the Blue Mountain to the north and blue skies above. Read more

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Online meetings are definitely different and, for me at least, better in some ways. This pandemic has given me a much clearer vision of the people I work with, many of whom were born after I got into the newspaper business. Read more

Considering youths will become the next generation of the ag industry, we should seek to expose them to different cultures and viewpoints. By doing so, our next crop of farmers will overcome racial and other barriers that continue to burden our society. Read more

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A pair of challenges have emerged around the protests — in the short term, stopping the looting and rioting that have overshadowed the peaceful demonstrations; and in the long term, improving relations between the police and African Americans. Read more