If anything can truly describe Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, it’s being stuck behind a tractor and unable to pass because of a horse and buggy. Read more

If the pursuit of common ground on common food names is anything like the domestic dairy industry’s struggle to wrestle ownership of the word “milk” away from plant beverage makers, or the ongoing beef that livestock producers have with fake meat, this will be a lengthy debate. Read more

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A group of about 50 people convened at the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association on Tuesday to talk about climate change. Read more

I’ve never been a fan of change — I’m guessing that might come from my Pennsylvania Dutch stubbornness. Seeing fewer dairy farms around is not a change that I want in my life. Read more

My home county of Lebanon is one of the 14 Pennsylvania counties under a spotted lanternfly quarantine, while Centre County, home of Penn State, is not currently quarantined. This makes it my responsibility to make sure that I’m not taking this hitchhiker bug with me to cheer on the Nittany Lions. Read more

God and raw milk are the two subjects that have mobilized Lancaster Farming readers to write letters more than any other since my arrival in this news department. Read more

Local fairs are volunteer-powered and have a finite budget, so a year of bad weather can really hurt, and bad weather two years in a row could be catastrophic. Read more

For those who enjoy the thrill of viscosity-driven stumbling and bumbling, the days of the traditional greased pig chase that delighted generations of fair-goers may be coming to an end as national concerns about how animals are treated continue to grow. Read more

Sprinkler systems and wedding barn safety have been a sticking point in other states, including New York and Maryland, so what happens in Pennsylvania could have a ripple effect. Read more

Today, we’re in a different war, a battle between the world’s two largest economies, yet agriculture is once again the familiar pawn. Patriot farmers are making tremendous sacrifices as the tariff conflict drags on, and it remains to be seen who will actually benefit when the dust of war settles. Read more

Farm groups love to proclaim that their members produce bountiful, low-cost food, but farmers are also encouraged to produce specialized products at premium prices. Read more

With his plain-spoken, even crass, style, Trump convinced millions of working-class people — including quite a few farmers — that he was their best hope. Read more

Farmers tend to get a bad rap when it comes to the environment, but over the past few years, they’ve done a lot to help the environment. Read more

President Donald Trump has enjoyed strong support from many U.S. farmers. His resiliency during painfully long trade negotiations that have been punishing farmers in the form of retaliatory tariffs for the past year is impressive. Read more

While elected officials continue to play a seemingly endless game of political charades, the real extremes that affect real people continue to unfold. Like in the flood-ravaged Midwest, where farmers have suffered extreme losses to livestock and stored grain, and now they’re bracing for more rain. Read more

If the scale of suffering will be as vast as scientists predict, a major effort to limit climate change may be warranted — provided it can avoid the heavy-handedness of a Soviet five-year plan. Read more

Our March 9 opinion section was filled up with letters to the editor in support of raw milk, and our weekly poll question, which typically receives around 100 votes, skyrocketed to over 3,000 votes when we polled people about their raw milk opinions. Read more