PETA image from Plainville Farms

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says the video from which this still was taken depicts abuse of turkeys by workers at Plainville Farms. The company from New Oxford, Pennsylvania, says it is investigating.

Plainville Farms has taken a number of steps to address undercover videos that allegedly show workers abusing turkeys, but an animal welfare group says the company still has not done enough to ensure accountability.

Plainville, based in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, said it is bringing in third-party auditors for unannounced inspections, increasing employee training, and even distributing body cameras that will be used to track all workers who deal with live birds.

The footage will be monitored by the company and by third-party animal welfare experts, the company said.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which on Aug. 13 released the footage of the alleged abuse, said that adding body cameras is meaningless unless the video is livestreamed for the public to monitor.

“If Plainville Farms were serious about preventing abuse, it would allow consumers to see the path that turkeys take before ending up on their dinner plates,” says Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice president.

PETA said its videos show workers kicking, stomping and beating turkeys as routine parts of animal handling.

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the situation.

Plainville said that it is cooperating with law enforcement and “fully support(s) the prosecution of any individuals found to be involved in the mistreatment of any of our turkeys.”

None of the people implicated by PETA are still working for Plainville, the company said.

PETA says its investigation has led to the suspension of Plainville’s humane certification and one of the company’s supply contracts.

The animal welfare group has placed a billboard near Plainville’s headquarters to publicize the undercover videos, and is pressuring grocery chains it says are continuing to sell the company’s products using a “humanely raised” label.


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