Anthony Finley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania continues to be an agricultural powerhouse.

The state ranks third in sales of Christmas tree and nursery products, sixth in milk, seventh in horses and tobacco, and eighth in poultry, according to a new report from the 2017 Census of Agriculture.

Pennsylvania’s $7.8 billion in ag products place the state 19th nationally.

The state and county profiles from the every-five-years survey were released last week.

The profiles show that farming is a multimillion-dollar sector in many parts of the state, though the southeast continue to lead the state in production.

Lancaster County remains the state’s biggest producer. Its $1.5 billion in ag sales accounted for 19% of the state’s total.

Lancaster leads the state in sales of grain, tobacco, vegetables, and nearly every animal ag category. Some 85% of the county’s sales came from animal products.

Nationally, the county is fourth in poultry and egg sales, 10th for milk and 12th for tobacco.

Out of more than 3,000 counties, Lancaster ranks seventh in sales of total animal products and 17th in total ag sales.

With $700 million in sales, Chester County is no slouch either.

The county leads the state in total crop production and in nursery production, the category that includes mushrooms.

Chester County ranks third nationally in nursery sales and 25th for total crop sales.

Berks County sold $550 million in ag products, good for 7% of the state total.

Franklin County had $480 million in ag sales, which was 6% of the state’s haul.

Berks and Franklin are both top-five producers in most crop and animal categories.

Lebanon County, with $350 million in total sales, is third in sales of animal products.

Family farms account for 100% of Lebanon County operations.

Because of rounding, that number doesn’t indicate that absolutely every farm is family owned, but it’s pretty close.

Statewide, 98% of farms are family operations.

With total ag sales of $260 million, York County leads the state in horse and Christmas tree sales.

The county ranks ninth nationally for horses and 15th for Christmas trees.

Adams County sold $62 million in fruit, making it the state’s top county in that sector. Adams sold $210 million in total ag products.

Bradford County leads the state with $21 million in hay and miscellaneous crop sales.

Bradford, with $130 million in total sales, also has the second most farmland in the state, after Lancaster County.

Centre County was first in aquaculture sales at $2.7 million.