Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan speaks at a March 16 coronavirus press conference.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is implementing policies to limit in-person transactions and safeguard the health of its employees, stakeholders and the general public.

Starting March 17, all non-emergency essential employees will be teleworking until further notice, the agency said. Staff will continue to be available by phone and email.

Additionally, all in-person public meetings will be canceled, postponed or held via teleconference.

Gov. Larry Hogan has also enacted a grace period for any state licenses, permits and registrations that may be expiring or up for renewal during the state of emergency. These include pesticide applicator licenses and nutrient management certifications. Renewal deadlines will be extended up to 30 days after the state of emergency is lifted.

Hogan has issued a state of emergency for Maryland. The state has 37 reported cases of coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.