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The Southern Region covers everything from the dairy industry in western Maryland to the poultry industry on the Delmarva Peninsula and the commercial beef industry in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

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July 4, 2020

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Fields 4 Valor is  a small farm that provides nutritious and free food shares for veterans and their families. The non-profit farm raises chickens, has apiaries and grows mixed vegetables near Washington, D.C. Read more

HURLOCK, Md. — Pop’s Old Place is a farm of great generational significance, bolstered by the refreshing quality of authenticity and a visibly ambitious attention to detail. Read more

Delaware farmers markets are finally allowed to open. Until May 15, the state Ag Department had kept markets closed because they were not considered essential businesses. Read more

When it’s business as usual, running your business comes naturally. You know what you need to do and how you need to do it. But what happens when society presents a new set of challenges to your daily operations? Read more

Two economists and an agri-business owner addressed the virtual audience of the Farm Foundation’s April 28 video forum, “Challenges and Opportunities for Agriculture in a Post-Pandemic World.”  Read more

Renowned lecturer, author and CPA Temitope Fajingbesi presented a helpful, no-holds-barred lecture for the Future Harvest CASA April 23 video conference, “Strategies for Managing Financial Risks During COVID-19.” Read more

Maryland’s Agriculture Law Education Initiative is committed to providing resources to help Maryland’s agricultural producers navigate the many evolving financial and legal issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more