Beth Steeley, sitting on her tractor, along with Atlantic Tractor employees at the Queen Anne Goes Pink Event in Queen Anne, Maryland, where her new John Deere pink tractor was unveiled.

Beth Steeley is a woman on a mission. The start of that mission is what brought her into Atlantic Tractor – Queen Anne over the summer with a very unique request — she would purchase the John Deere 2032R compact utility tractor that was just pitched to her by salesman, Hunter Allen, but only if he would make the tractor pink.

Never in the company’s 14 years of existence has Atlantic Tractor been asked to take a brand new tractor, have it stripped down and repainted pink.

So the challenge was accepted by Atlantic Tractor to help Steeley turn her green tractor into a pink tractor and in turn, help her forward her two missions — first, to promote awareness of breast cancer and second, to help promote and bring awareness to women in agriculture.

“This is a much shared experience,” Steeley said. “It took Atlantic Tractor saying yes. It took women having breast cancer and standing up and trying to make a better situation for younger women. It took a community to come together and start supporting women in farming, which has been very hard for me because I am a widow, I have 21 acres and I want to farm. It’s all part of a conversation that I am hoping this tractor will start.”

Steeley’s tractor was unveiled at the Queen Anne Goes Pink Event on Sept. 19 at Atlantic Tractor in Queen Anne, Maryland.

Source: Atlantic Tractor.