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Under the Boardwalk

It’s pleasant images of those childhood daytrips that still go through my head any time I hear the classic beach tune “Under the Boardwalk,” a 1964 hit by The Drifters. However, in recent months, I’ve been looking at a different type of boardwalk that has nothing to do with vacation or the beach. Read more

Weather Repeat?

Joyce Bupp is a freelance writer in York County, Pennsylvania. Read more

Fair Exhibitors Pan Swine Rule

Participation in Kempton Fair's swine show was thrown off by a state Ag Department order, announced just two weeks before the show, requiring all Pennsylvania market pigs to move to slaughter following exhibition. Read more

Juggling Multiple Hats and a Dairy Crown

Zipping out from a line of apple trees in a John Deere Gator is Pennsylvania’s first alternate dairy princess, Samantha Haag. Read more

Finding Treasure

Recently, I read of a couple in California who — a long time ago — came across a half-buried tin can while walking their property after a flood. They dug the tin up from the mud in which it was partially encased and, upon opening it, found a trove of gold coins. Read more

Vermont 4-H Hosts Youth Farm Safety Day

The University of Vermont Extension 4-H is offering a full day of farm safety workshops on July 9. The workshop is open to all youths, ages 10 to 16. Enrollment in 4-H is not required to participate. Read more

What’s the Big Rhubarb About?

Will the rain ruin the rhubarb? What’s all the rhubarb about? How did a sour-tasting spring plant historically get to be such a topic of conversation? Read more

Celebrating Farm Fathers

Whether they are quiet or talkative, rich or poor, dairymen, machinery experts, crop farmers or more, we love our hardworking farmer father… Read more

Summer Is Here, Support Your Fair

Fairs in the Northeast come in all sizes, shapes and content, but their primary purpose is to showcase agriculture, with entertainment coming in a close second. Read more

Restore PA Would Offer Flood & Conservation Aid

After an old dam is removed, tons of highly erodible sediment will be hauled away, restoring the natural floodplain that existed before European settlers arrived. Read more