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Chicken Respiratory Diseases Can Be Confusing

Several common chicken diseases — including coryza, infectious bronchitis and infectious laryngotracheitis — have similar symptoms, making them hard to tell apart, but the treatment for each disease is different, so getting a laboratory diagnosis is important. Read more


Production Runs Year-Round for Koch Family

The Koch family had been raising turkeys for more than 50 years when they switched their birds to a vegetarian diet, stopped using antibiotics and relied on supportive supplements to boost natural immunity, and became more diligent with ventilation, space and bedding in his turkey barns. Read more


Pastures Prove Profitable for Small-Scale Operation

ORANGEVILLE, Pa. — Todd Hopkins takes pride in her hands-on approach to raising turkeys. Read more


Tech, Welfare Highlight Hatchery Conference

Hatcheries are already high-tech places, but innovative machinery could further improve efficiency and animal welfare. Technology can also make up some of the poultry industry’s worker shortage, said Emily Lhamon, a Penn State Extension educator. Read more


Penn State Developing Poultry Bedbug Control

Penn State researchers are reformulating an exterminator spray to combat bedbugs in chicken houses. Entomology professor Nina Jenkins started developing the biopesticide Aprehend in 2011 and, with her team, commercialized the product in 2017. Read more

Poultry Meeting Eases Worries on Alternate Meats

Lisa Keefe from the meat boosting organization Meatingplace spoke to the audience on Oct. 8, telling them that traditional meat production still outsells Beyond Meat and other substitutes by a factor of 90 to 1. Read more


Vets Talk Treatment for ‘Mother of All Head Colds’

A coryza outbreak,which peaked in March and April, affected about 14 million birds, said Sherrill Davison, a professor of avian medicine and pathology at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more


Chicken Company to Aid Organic Transition

Bell & Evans will soon offer contracts that pay farmers a premium for grain produced during the three-year transition to organic, and then pay organic prices for seven years after the farm is certified. Read more


Bell & Evans Introduces Transitional & Long-term Organic Grain Contracts to PA Farmers

Bell & Evans Organic Grain Initiative will offer farmers financial assistance during and after the organic land conversion by way of contracted premium pricing for transitional grains and long-term contracts up to 10 years for organic-certified grains after the three-year transitional period. Read more


Chicken Rental Adds New Revenue

In 2013, Phil Tompkins and wife, Jenn, co-founded Rent The Chicken at their home in Freeport, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Read more