What is NIE?

Newspapers in Education is your key to the history of agricultural news in the mid-Atlantic region. Your university has teamed up with Lancaster Farming to provide an invaluable resource for your education in agriculture. Click on the links at right to get access to the archives. You’ll find every weekly issue that Lancaster Farming has published for the past 60+ years, on these topics and more:

  • Stories of farm life – how has daily farm life changed over the decades?
  • Market reports – historical pricing for dairy, grain and crops, hay, hogs, livestock, produce, poultry and more.
  • Classified ads, in-paper ads, and auctions – find out what farmers buy and sell, then and now, and at what prices.
  • Pest control – what are the biggest pest challenges faced by farmers, and what are the solutions?
  • Farm policy – how have local, state and federal government policies affected farmers?
  • Weather reports – how have weather trends impacted crop production?
  • Health and safety – what are the historical safety issues faced by farmers?