1947 Oliver Model 460.

1947 Oliver Model 460. Patrick V. Wippel, Lancaster, Pa. “I bought this tractor in the early 1970s from a salvage yard/used equipment dealer near Newville, Pa. The transmission cover was missing, the gear shift lever was not the proper one for this tractor and when I got it home and pulled on the crank I learned that the number one rod insert was burned out and knocking. After intense polishing on the journal, and utilizing a one-half standard insert along with half of a 0.02 undersize insert the engine ran well. Later, I was able to find the correct transmission cover and power lift as well as a mounted cultivator. This tractor has been used since I bought it on various farms, and is still operating on our farm in southern York County. It has plowed, disked, mowed, baled hay and picked corn over the years.”