Unlike Jason Martin (“Unhappy With Content,” Page A8, April 17), I find your content to be timely and appropriate. Agriculture is directly or indirectly connected to almost everything.

Tariffs on steel affect the price of farm equipment. Climate change means farmers have to cope with weather extremes. Many farmers rely on immigrants to care for livestock and harvest crops. And when it comes to health care for all, farmers are concerned about the health and well-being of their families and employees.

“Liberal godless mindsets,” as Martin put it, is an oxymoron. One must ask, “What would Jesus do?”

He would welcome the homeless, as his family was once denied a place at the inn. Feed the hungry? You know about the 5,000. Care for the sick? He was the ultimate healer.

Pages A8 and A9 in Lancaster Farming are labeled “Opinion.” I believe your publication does an excellent job of lending voice to disparate views. I will continue to value the content of the entire publication, including any views I strongly disagree with on the opinion pages.

Deep down, I believe liberals and conservatives basically have similar goals. They just disagree on how to attain them.

In a democracy, everyone is entitled to have a voice. Thank you for providing a forum where all can be heard.

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