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Amid industry opposition, USDA has backed off a plan to require radio frequency ID tags for dairy cattle and beef breeding stock.

With his plain-spoken, even crass, style, Trump convinced millions of working-class people — including quite a few farmers — that he was their best hope.

President Donald Trump has enjoyed strong support from many U.S. farmers. His resiliency during painfully long trade negotiations that have been punishing farmers in the form of retaliatory tariffs for the past year is impressive.

Pennsylvania farmers are used to farming around neighbors, but not the kind of neighbors that Marty Smith has. “We have gators all over our ranch, always have,” said Smith, the Florida cow-calf producer who is the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association president-elect.

Having quietly discarded the fantasy of forcing Mexico to pay for the wall, Trump has instead decided to hold such hostages as Farm Service Agency offices and national park bathrooms. (The parks themselves, however, remain open.)

The $867 billion law legalizes commercial hemp production, funds farm safety-net and conservation programs, and aids rural broadband development.