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Our farm has two streams on it. One flows right through the middle of everything between our house and the barn; the other forms part of our western boundary. Back in the 1950s, the streams were home to quite a few pesky muskrats that always seemed to divert the flow of these little waterways into places my dad didn’t want them to go. Thus, he welcomed my brother’s efforts to trap them during the winter trapping season.

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I learned this the hard way. Company was coming, and since my office was in disarray, I decided it would be best to close its door in hopes that no one would look inside on their way to the nearby powder room.

From graduations to weddings, this is the time of year when many photos will be taken. I’m not sure how the phrase “watch the birdie” came to be identified with photo-taking, nor do I hear that phrase much anymore.

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Do you know what kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, opossums, wombats and Tasmanian devils have in common? They’re all marsupials. A marsupial is a…

I took a small step recently that did no one any good. Let me preface this story by saying that I have never been accused of being a morning person. You will find me much more alert at 1 a.m. than at 8 a.m.