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Hearing his prayer and seeing his tears, God touched Isaiah, having him return to the king’s chamber in order to reverse the news of death.

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When we forgive, we are letting go of hurt and resentful feelings, as well as feelings of vengeance. To hold onto such negative emotions within ourselves, even if we should forgive someone, is to build a wall where the hurt remains, and reconciliation if difficult if not impossible.

The Apostle Paul often spoke and wrote to the new believers in Christ using analogies, things that were familiar to the people of his time, in order to make his point in explaining the ways of the Lord.

From the Creation through Exodus and beyond, God’s acts of love and protection toward those who put their faith and trust in him abound.

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In Matthew 13, Jesus further explains to his disciples that he used parables so the disciples would understand them, but unbelievers would be left wondering.

As I’ve researched the Bible to see what it has to say about the “old” and the “new,” I found some wonderful scripture to put these thoughts into perspective. Both the Old and the New Testaments are full of the newness God brings into our lives.