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After becoming a believer in Christ, I worked at memorizing the Scriptures that spoke to me the most, and have discovered since that time that it is the Holy Spirit who brings to mind Scripture to us that fits our individual needs just when we need it.

While in David’s time the Messiah had yet to come, we will see how the verses of this psalm are also found similarly in the New Testament, as spoken by Jesus and his disciples to the believers.

When his brothers in Christ told Thomas that Jesus had come to them in the flesh when he was not present, Thomas said he would not believe until he placed his fingers in the wounds of his hands and his hand in Jesus’ wounded side.

When Paul wrote to the believers in Philippi, he was in a Roman prison and certainly had great reason to feel anxious for his life. Yet, he wrote to the Philippians in chapter 4, to “be anxious for nothing.”

Those 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection became a time of instruction for the Apostles as he continued to meet with them and open up the Old Testament to show the many Scriptures that pointed to his coming and ministry on earth.