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Amaya Atucha recently presented “Impact of Fruit Zone Sunlight Exposure on Fruit Composition of Cold Climate Hybrid Grapes” as a Northern Grapes Project webinar.

Smoke wafts from the furnace’s pipe and promptly drifts southward, high above the frozen grass of the lower yard, pushed by January’s north winds. A cow bawls at the barn, ready for breakfast or perhaps coming into estrus.

For many farms across the state, harvest dragged into December. However, before calling this year a wrap and planning for 2019, Extension agronomist Zach Larson explains it’s time to ensure that this year’s crop is properly stored.

The Partnership for Food Safety has a Fight BAC promotion called “The story of your dinner” to educate the public on how important food safety is when preparing holidays meals. More information and resources can be found at